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By | September 22, 2023
Weathering the Storm in Ersama Word Meaning with Hindi edumantra.net

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from Weathering the Storm in Ersama. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying Weathering the Storm in Ersama Word Meanings from Moments Class 9.”

Hard Words : Weathering the Storm in Ersama Page- 37

Mother’s = related to one’s female parent (माँ का) , Gone = went, moved from a place (चला गया)  , Block = administrative division, district subdivision (प्रखंड)  , Headquarters = main office, central office (मुख्यालय) , Ersama = a place name (एर्समा)  ,

Coastal = related to the coast, near the sea (तटीय)  , Spend = use time or money, utilize (बिताना)  , Dark = lack of light, opposite of bright (अंधेरा)  ,

Menacing = threatening, intimidating (धमकीला)  , Storm = violent weather condition, tempest (तूफ़ान)  , Quickly = swiftly, rapidly (तेजी से)  , Gathered = collected, assembled (इकट्ठा होना)  , Beat = strike repeatedly, hit (मारना) , Fury = wild or violent force, anger (क्रोध)  , Witnessed = seen, observed (देखा)  ,

Incessant = continuous, unending (निरंतर)  , Rain = water droplets from the sky, precipitation (बारिश)  , Filled = to make full, occupy space (भर दिया)  , Darkness = absence of light, night (अंधेरा)  , Ancient = very old, historic (प्राचीन)  

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Weathering the Storm in Ersama Difficult Words in English Page- 38

Uprooted = pulled out, dislodged (जड़ से उखाड़ दिया), Crashed = collided, struck (टकराना), Screams = loud cries, shouts (चीख),

Menacing = threatening, intimidating (धमकी देनेवाला), Devastation = destruction, ruin (विनाशकारी), Velocity = speed, pace (गति), Crazed = frenzied, wild (उन्मत्त),

Surge = rush, increase (बढ़ोतरी), Refuge = shelter, sanctuary (आश्रय), Glimpse = brief look, peek (झलक), Raging = furious, wild (अत्यधिक), Fractured = broken, cracked (टूटा हुआ), Carcasses = remains, bodies (मृत देह), Bereaved = grieving, mourning (वियोगी), Recede = retreat, ebb (पीछे हटना),

Equipped = prepared, ready (तैयार), Expedition = journey, trip (यात्रा), Swollen = enlarged, expanded (सूजा हुआ/ फूला हुआ ), Determined = resolute, firm (निश्चित),

Incessant = continuous, unending (निरंतर), Blessing in disguise = hidden benefit, surprise advantage (आशीर्वाद छिपे रूप में), Huddled = grouped, crowded (झुंड में रहना)

Good Word Meaning of the Lesson Weathering the Storm in Ersama Page- 39

Shallow = not deep, superficial (उत्तल), Waist deep = up to one’s waist, half submerged (कमर तक डूबा हुआ), Progress = movement, advancement (प्रगति), Macabre = gruesome, grim (भयानक), Waded = walked through water, trudged (पानी में चलना),

Carcasses = dead bodies, remains (मृत देह), Current = flow, stream (धारा), Wept = cried, sobbed (रोना), Catastrophe = disaster, calamity (आपत्ति),

Remnants = remains, leftovers (अवशेष), Mangled = damaged, distorted (बिगाड़ दिया), Twisted = bent, warped (मोड़ा हुआ), Outstretched = extended, spread out (फैलाया हुआ),

Brimming = full to the edge, overflowing (लबालब), Miracle = wonder, marvel (चमत्कार), Motley = varied, mixed (मिश्रित),

Battered = worn out, beaten (घायल हुआ), Scanned = examined, looked over (जाँचना), Relief = solace, comfort (राहत), Anxiously = nervously, eagerly (चिंता से)

English Difficult Words of the Lesson Weathering the Storm in Ersama Page- 40 

Desperate = very sad, without hope (अत्यंत उदास, निराशा में), Shelter = a place giving temporary protection (आश्रय), Grief = deep sorrow, sadness (दुःख, शोक), Tumult = a loud, confused noise (कोलाहल, हंगामा), Merchant = a person involved in wholesale trade (व्यापारी),

Delegation = a group representing others (प्रतिनिधि समूह), Receding waters = water moving back or further away (हटते हुए पानी),

Triumphantly = in a victorious manner (विजयी भाव से), Rotting = decaying, spoiling (सड़ रहा है), Reluctant = unwilling, hesitant (अनिच्छुक, हिचकिचाता हुआ), Belly = the stomach (पेट), Volunteers = people who willingly offer to do something without pay (स्वैच्छिक सेवक),

Filth = disgusting dirt or refuse (मैल, गंदगी), Fractures = breaks in a bone (हड्डी में दरार), Injured = harmed, hurt (चोट आई हुई),

Carcasses = the dead bodies of animals (मृत शव), Helicopter = an aircraft with horizontal rotating wing (हेलिकॉप्टर), Parcels = packages (पार्सल, पैकेट), Dropped = let or make fall (गिरा दिया), Youth = young person or young people collectively (युवा), Task force = a group organized to perform a task (कार्यबल)

Weathering the Storm in Ersama Word Meaning in English – 41

Utensils = tools or containers used in households (बर्तन), Deputed = assigned, designated (सौंपना), Sand = fine particles of rock and mineral (रेत), Stomachs = bellies, the internal organ (पेट), Communicate = convey, transmit information (संचार करना),

Helicopters = aircrafts with rotating wings (हेलिकॉप्टर), Regular = occurring at fixed intervals, consistent (नियमित), Rounds = trips, circuits (दौर),

Airdropping = dropping from the air, especially from an aircraft (हवा से गिराना), Orphaned = left without parents (अनाथ हो जाना), Polythene sheet = a plastic sheet (पॉलिथीन की चादर), Shelter = place providing safety and protection (आश्रय), Mobilised = organized, made ready (संगठित करना), Materials = supplies, items needed (सामग्री), Grief = deep sorrow, sadness (शोक, दुख), Persuaded = convinced, urged (मनाना), Programme = a planned series of events (कार्यक्रम),

NGO = Non-Governmental Organisation (गैर-सरकारी संगठन), Sports events = athletic competitions (खेल प्रतियोगिता), Cricket = a popular bat-and-ball game (क्रिकेट), Matches = games, contests (मैच), Engaged = involved, occupied (प्रतिबद्ध),

Volunteers = those who offer services willingly (स्वैच्छिक), Widows = women whose spouses have died (विधवा), Orphans = children without parents (अनाथ), Institutions = organizations or establishments (संस्था), Resisted = fought against, opposed (प्रतिरोध किया)

Class 9 Weathering the Storm in Ersama English To English Word Meaning Page- 42

Stigma = mark of disgrace (कलंक), Loneliness = feeling of being alone (अकेलापन), Resettled = re-established or relocated (पुनः बसाना), Community = group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common (समुदाय),

Foster families = families that provide for the care of children not raised by their biological parents (पालक परिवार), Childless = without children (बिना संतान वाला), Adult care = supervision and care by grown-ups (वयस्कों द्वारा देखभाल), Devastation = great destruction or damage (विनाश), Wounded = injured, either physically or emotionally (घायल), Spirit = soul, mood or morale (मनोबल),

Healed = became healthy or sound again (ठीक हो जाना), Handsome = good-looking (रूपवान), Youthful = young or seeming young (जवान), Widows = women whose spouses have died (विधवा), Orphaned = left without parents (अनाथ), Darkest hour = toughest or most challenging time (सबसे कठिन समय)