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By | September 27, 2023

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from Memories of Childhood. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying Memories of Childhood Word Meanings from Vistas Class 12.”

Hard Words : Memories of Childhood Page No.- 64

Bitter-cold = very cold, freezing (कड़ाके की ठंड), Metallic = like metal, sharp (धातुवादी), Belfry = bell tower, steeple (घंटाघर), Sensitive = easily hurt, delicate (संवेदनशील), Clatter = loud noise, rattle (कोलाहल), Bedlam = chaos, uproar (अराजकता),

Paleface = white person, European (गोरा व्यक्ति), Stiff = rigid, unbending (कठोर), Moccasins = soft shoes, footwear (मोकेजिन जूते), Immodestly = improperly, rudely (अनियमित रूप से), Braves = warriors, heroes (बहादुर), Tapped = lightly hit, struck (हल्के से मारा),

Pupils = students, learners (छात्र), Mutterings = murmurs, whispers (भूंभूनाहट), Keenly = sharply, intensely (तीव्रता से), Dining room = meal space, eatery (भोजन कक्ष), Aprons = coverings, protectors (एप्रन), Seated = sat, settled (बैठा हुआ), Ceased = stopped, ended (बंद हो गया), Slipped = slid, glided (फिसल गया)

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Memories of Childhood Difficult Words in English Page No.- 65

Formula = set way, routine (नियम), Terrible = awful, scary (भयानक), Overheard = secretly heard, eavesdropped (छुपकर सुनना), Shingled = cut short, trimmed (छोटा कटा), Mourners = sad people, grievers (शोकी), Rebelled = defied, resisted (विद्रोह),

Squeaking = noisy, creaky (चीखनेवाला), Exchanged = swapped, traded (अदल-बदल), Whither = where to, towards (कहां), Dim = dark, faint (मंद),

Huddled = bunched, crouched (झुंड में), Peered = stared, looked (टकाटकी), Shuddering = shaking, trembling (कांपना), Footsteps = steps, strides (कदम)

Good Word Meaning of the Lesson Memories of Childhood Page No.- 66

Quickened = sped up, hastened (तेज़ किया), Excited = eager, thrilled (उत्साही), Closet = cupboard, wardrobe (अलमारी), Peep = glance, look (झांकना), Dragged = pulled, yanked (खींचा), Resisted = fought, opposed (प्रतिरोध किया), Tied = bound, fastened (बाँधा),

Scissors = shears, cutters (कैंची), Braids = plaits, twists (चोटी), Anguish = pain, agony (दुःख), Indignities = insults, slights (अपमान), Puppet = doll, toy (कठपुतली),

Herder = keeper, guide (चरवाहा), Untouchability = bias, ostracism (अछूत), Humiliated = shamed, disgraced (अपमानित),

Dawdle = linger, delay (वक्त बर्बाद करना), Novelties = new things, curiosities (नई बातें), Oddities = quirks, peculiarities (अजीब), Snakecharmer = tamer, handler (सांप बाज), Cyclist = rider, biker (साइकिल सवार)

Class 12 Memories of Childhood English Difficult Words Page No.- 67

Spur = encourage, urge (प्रोत्साहित करना), Offerings = gifts, tributes (भेंट), Stall = booth, stand (दुकान), Lemur = primate, mammal (लीमूर), Cages = pens, enclosures (पिंजरे),

Harangue = speech, lecture (भाषण), Tumbler = cup, glass (गिलास), Smart = sting, hurt (जलन), Tether = tie, bind (बांधना), Savoury = tasty, salty (चटपटा) , Ledge = edge, shelf (छज्जा), Cattle = livestock, cows (मवेशी)

Vistas Class 12 Memories of Childhood Word Meaning in English Page No.- 68

Muzzled = restrained, gagged (मुह बंद करना), Elder = senior, older person (वरिष्ठ), Double Up = bend over, stoop (झुकना), Shriek = scream, yell (चीखना), Stained = marked, discolored (दागदार), Oil = grease, lubricant (तेल), String = cord, thread (धागा),

Undone = unfastened, untied (खुला हुआ), Bowed = bent, stooped (झुकना) , Extended = stretched, reached out (बढ़ाना), Cupping = holding, supporting (हाथ में लेना), Parcel = package, bundle (पैकेट),

Comic = funny, humorous (हास्यप्रिय), Detail = specifics, particulars (विवरण) , Amused = entertained, delighted (मनोरंजित), Polluted = contaminated, defiled (अशुद्ध)

Memories of Childhood Lesson English To English Word Meaning Page No.- 69

Disgusting = revolting, repulsive (घिनौना), Package = bundle, parcel (पैकेट), Provoked = irritated, angered (उत्तेजित), Reverently = respectfully, humbly (श्रद्धा से),

Infuriated = enraged, very angry (क्रोधित), Wages = earnings, pay (मज़दूरी), Irrigation = watering, cultivation (सिंचाई),

Tank = reservoir, basin (टैंकी), Unfamiliar = unknown, not recognized (अनजान), Caste = social class, group (जाति), Community = social group, people (समुदाय), Dignity = respect, honor (गरिमा), Lessons = teachings, studies (पाठ), Attach = join, connect (जोड़ना),

Impression = impact, influence (प्रभाव), Frenzy = wild excitement, fury (उन्माद), Being = existence, self (अस्तित्व)

Memories of Childhood Word Meaning English Page No.- 70

Urged = encouraged, prompted (प्रोत्साहित), Stood First = topped, excelled (पहला आना), Many = numerous, several (कई)