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By | September 27, 2023
Hard Words  On the Face of it Difficult Words in English edumantra.net

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from On the Face of it. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying On the Face of it Word Meanings from Vistas Class 12.”

Hard Words : On the Face of it Page No.- 48

Birdsong = chirping, melodies (पक्षियों की चहचहाहट), Rustling = soft sound, whispering (सरसराहट), Tentatively = hesitantly, uncertainly (संकोच से), Screen = barrier, partition (अवरोध),

Startled = shocked, surprised (चौंका हुआ), Windfalls = sudden gains, fallen fruits (अचानक प्राप्त लाभ), Trip = stumble, falter (ठोकर लगना), Empty = vacant, unoccupied (खाली)

On the Face of it Difficult Words in English Page No.- 49

Afraid = scared, fearful (डरा हुआ), Empty = vacant, uninhabited (रिक्त), Indoors = inside, within a building (भीतर), Panic = sudden fear, alarm (आकस्मिक डर), Climbed = ascend, go up (चढ़ना), Watching = observing, looking at (देख रहा है),

Scrump = steal fruit, pilfer (चोरी करना), Pretend = feign, act (ढोंग करना), Ugly = unattractive, displeasing (भद्दा), Terrible = awful, dreadful (भयानक), Steal = pilfer, thieve (चोरी करना)

Class 12 English on The Face of It Good Word Meaning Page No.- 50

Whole = entire, complete (पूरा), Cooler = less hot, chillier (ठंडा), Ladder = steps, climb tool (सीढ़ी), Ripe = mature, ready (पक्का), Pretend = simulate, feign (नकल करना), Upset = distressed, bothered (परेशान), Burned = charred, scorched (जला हुआ), Acid = corrosive substance, chemical (अम्ल), Different = not the same, distinct (अलग)

English Difficult Words of Chapter on The Face of It Page No.- 51

Interested = curious, fascinated (रुचि रखनेवाला), Rubbish = trash, garbage (कचरा), Weeds = nuisances, undesirables (अवांछित पौधे) , Herbs = plants, botanicals (जड़ी बूटियाँ), Burned = charred, scorched (जला हुआ), Tin leg = metal limb, prosthesis (धातु की टांग),

Trousers = pants, slacks (पतलून), Stare = gaze, gawk (घूरना) , Relative = comparative, proportional (सापेक्ष), Beast = animal, brute (जानवर), Spider = arachnid, crawler (मकड़ी), Silken ladder = soft thread, web (रेशमी सीढ़ी), Sun-flowers = sun blooms, helianthus (सूरजमुखी), Fairy story = tale, legend (परी कथा)  

On the Face of It Class 12 Word Meaning in English Page No.- 52

Monstrous = large, terrifying (राक्षसी), Beast = creature, animal (जानवर), Pretty = beautiful, attractive (सुंदर), Different = distinct, varied (अलग), Hurt = injure, wound (चोट पहुंचाना), Tin = metal, alloy (तांबा), Wet weather = rainy, damp conditions (गीला मौसम) ,

Signify = indicate, mean (सूचित करना), Brave = courageous, valiant (वीर), Blinded = sightless, unable to see (अंधा), Deaf = hard of hearing, without hearing (बहरा), Daft = silly, foolish (मूर्ख)

On the Face of It Chapter English To English Word Meaning Page No.- 53

Street = road, lane (सड़क), Whispered = spoke softly, murmured (फुसफुसाया), Cruel = mean, heartless (निर्दयी), Peculiar = strange, unusual (अजीब), Hive = habitat for bees, nest (मधुमक्खी का छत्ता), Humm = low sound, murmur (गुंजाईश), Terrible = awful, dreadful (भयानक),

Believe = accept as true, trust (विश्वास करना), Cruel = heartless, unkind (निर्दयी), Whispered = murmured, sotto voce (फुसफुसाया), Trespassing = intrusion, violation (अवैध प्रवेश), Stare = gaze, look intently (घूरना), Afraid = fearful, scared (डरा हुआ)  

On the Face of It Word Meaning English Page No.- 54

Afraid = scared, fearful (डरा हुआ), Germs = bacteria, microbes (रोगाणु), Donkey = ass, mule (गधा), Lightning = thunderbolt, flash (बिजली), Peculiar = strange, unusual (अजीब), Roof = ceiling, top (छत), Lost = misplaced, gone (खो गया), Listen = hear, attend (सुनना)  

Chapter 6 On the Face of It Difficult Word Meaning English Page No.- 55

Lord = ruler, sovereign (भगवान), House = dwelling, residence (घर) , Fire = flame, inferno (आग), Pears = fruits, orchard items (नाशपाती), Toffee = candy, confectionery (टॉफी), Honey = nectar, sweetener (शहद), Particulars = details, specifics (विवरण), Choose = select, decide (चुनना), Street = road, avenue (सड़क)

Class 12 English On the Face of It Word Meaning English to Hindi Page No.- 56

Enemies = adversaries, foes (दुश्मन), Nothing = nil, void (कुछ नहीं), People = individuals, humans (लोग), Hate = loathe, detest (नफरत), Acid = corrosive, caustic (अम्ल), Bomb = explosive, missile (बम), Burn = scorch, singe (जलाना), Blind = sightless, visionless (अंधा) ,

Idiot = foolish, simpleton (मूर्ख), Stare = gaze, glance (ताकना), Burned = scorched, singed (जला हुआ), Watching = observing, looking (देखना), Listening = hearing, heeding (सुनना),

Curtains = drapes, blinds (पर्दे), Gate = entrance, doorway (फाटक), Others = different ones, rest (दूसरों), Run = dash, sprint (दौड़ना)

On the Face of It Word Meaning Vocabulary Page No.- 57

Risk = hazard, peril (जोखिम), Lamey-Lamb = nickname, moniker (उपनाम), Afraid = fearful, scared (डरा हुआ), War = conflict, battle (युद्ध), Ladder = steps, stairway (सीढ़ी), Crab apples = small apples, wild apples (छोटे सेब),

Fields = meadows, pastures (खेत), Worry = stress, fret (चिंता), Fuss = commotion, ado (हल्ला), Know = understand, comprehend (जानना), Everything = all, total (सब कुछ)  

Class 12 Vistas Chapter 6 On the Face of It Page No.- 58

Agree = concur, assent (सहमत), Bees = insects, honeybees (मधुमक्खियाँ), Talk = converse, chat (बात करना), Learn = study, acquire knowledge (सीखना), Miserable = unhappy, distressed (दुःखी), Alive = living, breathing (जीवित), Daft = silly, foolish (मूर्ख),

Excuse = justification, reason (बहाना), Sense = logic, meaning (समझ), Burned-up = scorched, charred (जला हुआ), Ugly = unattractive, unpleasant (बदसूरत), Devil = demon, fiend (शैतान) , Shouts = yells, screams (चिल्लाना)  

Vistas Chapter 6 On the Face of It Page No.- 59

Dears = beloved, sweethearts (प्रिय), Know = understand, recognize (जानना), Come back = return, revisit (वापस आना), Heard = listened, overheard (सुना), Warned = cautioned, alerted (चेतावनी दी),

Afraid = scared, fearful (डरा हुआ), Tin leg = metallic limb, prosthetic leg (तिन की टांग), Curtains = drapes, blinds (पर्दे), Listen = hear, attend (सुनना), Talking = speaking, conversing (बातचीत)

On the Face of It Word Meaning with Hindi Page No.- 60

Matter = importance, significance (महत्व), Thinking = pondering, contemplating (सोच), Hate = loathe, detest (नफरत करना), Forgive = pardon, excuse (क्षमा करना), Blame = accuse, hold responsible (दोष देना), Important = crucial, significant (महत्वपूर्ण),

Crab apples = type of apple, wild apples (क्रैब सेब), Panting = gasping, out of breath (सांस फूलना), Branch = bough, limb (शाखा), Ladder = steps, rungs (सीढ़ी), Crash = collapse, fall (टकराव), Gate = door, entrance (द्वार)  

On the Face of It Word Meanings Page No.- 61

Stops = halts, ceases (रुकना), Dead = lifeless, unresponsive (मरा हुआ), Runs = dashes, rushes (दौड़ना), Kneels = stoops, bows (घुटनों पर बैठना), Fell = dropped, collapsed (गिरना), Weep = cry, sob (रोना)