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By | September 27, 2023
Hard Words The Last Lesson Difficult Words in English edumantra.net

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from The Last Lesson. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying The Last Lesson Word Meanings from Flamingo Class 12.

Hard Words : The Last Lesson Page No.- 2

Dread = Fear, Anxiety (भय), Scolding = Reprimand, Rebuke (डांट) , Participles = Verb form, Grammar term (क्रिया का रूप), Resist = Withstand, Fight against (प्रतिरोध करना), Draft = Conscription, Enlistment (सैन्य भर्ती), Tempting = Alluring, Attractive (लुभावना),

Chirping = Bird sounds, Tweeting (चहचहाना), Sawmill = Wood-cutting factory, Lumber mill (आरा मिल), Prussian = German, Soldier (प्रशियन), Drilling = Training, Practicing (प्रशिक्षण), Crowd = Gathering, Group of people (भीड़), Matter = Issue, Subject (मुद्दा)  

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The Last Lesson Difficult Words in English Page No.- 3

Hurried – moved fast, rushed (जल्दी में), Blacksmith – iron worker, forgesmith (लोहार), Apprentice – trainee, learner (शिक्षु), Bulletin – notice, announcement (सूचना पत्र), Bustle – noise, activity (हलचल), Unison – together, at once (एक साथ), Ruler – stick, discipliner (पैमाना),

Terrible – fearsome, scary (भयानक), Frightened – scared, afraid (डरा हुआ), Blushed – red face, shy (लाल होना), Kindly – warmly, nicely (दयालुता से), Quickly – fast, rapid (तेजी से), Fright – fear, scare (भय), Coat – jacket, garment (कोट), Frilled – with frills, fancy (ज़रा भरा हुआ)

Good Word Meaning of the Chapter The Last Lesson Page No.- 4

Embroidered – decorated, stitched (कढ़ाई किया हुआ), Inspection – check, review (जाँच), Solemn – serious, grave (गंभीर), Benches – seats, pews (पीठ), Former – ex, previous (पूर्व), Mayor – civic leader, town head (नगर अध्यक्ष), Postmaster – mail head, letter chief (डाकमास्टर),

Spectacles – glasses, eyewear (चश्मा), Mounted – climbed, got up (चढ़ा), Grave – serious, stern (गंभीर), Gentle – kind, soft (दयालु), Attentive – focused, alert (ध्यानपूर्वक) , Thunderclap – shock, jolt (आश्चर्य), Wretches – villains, culprits (दुष्ट), Town-hall – civic center, public space (नगर भवन),

Nuisance – bother, annoyance (परेशानी), Grammar – language rules, syntax (व्याकरण), Saints – holy people, revered ones (संत), Cranky – irritable, grumpy (चिड़चिड़ा), Honour – respect, tribute (सम्मान)  

Class 12 The Last Lesson English Difficult Words Page No.- 5

Recite – say aloud, read out (पाठ करना), Participle – grammar term, verb form (विशेषण क्रिया), Mixed up – confused, disordered (भ्रांति में), Desk – table, work area (डेस्क), Scold – reprimand, criticize (डांटना),

Reproach – blame, accuse (दोषारोप), Parents – mother and father, guardians (माता-पिता), Anxious – concerned, worried (चिंतित), Farm – agricultural land, fields (खेत), Blame – fault, responsibility (दोष)  

The Last Lesson Word Meaning in English Page No.- 7

Clearest – plain, vivid (स्पष्ट), Logical – rational, sound (तार्किक) , Enslaved – bound, trapped (गुलाम), Key – opener, solution (कुंजी), Prison – jail, cell (कैद), Quiet – silent, calm (शांत), Beetles – bugs, insects (भृंग), Cooed – chirped, murmured (कू-कू), Gazing – staring, looking (टकिंग), Forty years – 4 decades, long time (चालीस साल)

Flamingo The Last Lesson English To English Word Meaning Page No.- 8

Walnut-trees – nut trees, hardwood trees (अखरोट के पेड़), Hopvine – climbing plant, creeper (हॉप बेल), Courage – bravery, guts (साहस) , History – past, chronicle (इतिहास), Chanted – sang, recited (भजन) , Spectacles – glasses, eyewear (चश्मा),

Emotion – feeling, sentiment (भावना), Trumpets – horns, brass (तुरही), Prussians – German soldiers, troops (प्रशियन), Pale – colorless, ashen (फीका) , Gesture – signal, sign (इशारा), Dismissed – let go, freed (छुट्टी)