The Book That Saved The Earth Character Sketch

The Book That Saved The Earth Character Sketch have been designed by experts to give you confidence in writing character sketch. You can start your character sketch by going through the outlines provided.

The Book That Saved The Earth Character Sketch

What is the character sketch of Think Tank?

The Think-Tank may be a living being from Mars who has a large and oval head. He wears a protracted gown embellished with stars and circles. He considers himself to be the foremost powerful and intelligent creature within the whole universe. He thinks himself to be the ruler of Mars and commands the Mars area. He is the leader of a crew that has captain Omega, Lieutenant Iota, and Sergeant Oop and apprentice Noodle. He likes to be praised owing to his intelligence and authority. As he’s from Mars, he considers books as communication sandwiches. He smacks his mirror because it delays in complimentary him. He boasts of his intelligence and power however decides to evacuate his planet and escapes as shortly as he gets to understand that the folks from Earth had planned to take management the Mars.

What is the character sketch of Noodle?

Noodle is the apprentice of Think-Tank. He is a smart and intelligent fellow. Though he is the one to make the right decisions, he makes sure that his boss gets all the praise. This shows his modesty and humility. He is good at handling tasks by himself. He is wise and uses logical reasoning, which is evident in the way he recognizes that the books are some means of communication. He is also a great leader, which can be seen in the conclusion of the play. After 500 years, the people of earth are in good relationship with Martians with Noodle as the commander.

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