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By | September 8, 2023
Footprints Without Feet Character Sketch

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Footprints Without Feet Character Sketch

1.Griffin: Griffin was an extraordinary and brilliant scientist. He discovered that the human body could become invisible and transparent as a sheet of glass. It was the result of his long and constant experimentation. However, he misused his discovery only for his personal gains, committing theft and burglaries and beating and robbing innocent persons. He could have earned fame and respect had he utilised his great discovery for the welfare of humanity. But his activities made him a lawless and an anarchist.

His invisibility was possible only when he didn’t wear any clothes. If dressed up, he could lose his invisibility. He had to remain without clothes even in the chilly weather, of midwinter to remain invisible. He had to make illegal entries and burglaries in a clergyman s house, a big sate store in London and a shop in Drury Lane. This brought him to disrepute and dishonour instead of fame and respect.

2. Mrs Hall: The landlord’s wife at the local inn in Iping. She was more than happy to receive a guest in the lean season. Mrs Hall was convinced that her strange guest was an eccentric scientist. She excused his strange habits and irritable behaviour because he had paid her in advance. When she noticed the strange behaviour of her furniture in her guest room. She was convinced that the room was haunted by spirits. She dared to question even the eccentric scientist, Griffin. She also asked how he entered a locked room.

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3. Jaffers: He is the village constable. He is a very determined person. He is called to the inn when the stranger unveils himself and creates chaos. He was quite surprised to find that he had to arrest a man without a head. But Jaffers couldn’t be easily prevented from doing his duty. The constable tried to catch hold of a person whom he couldn’t see at all. In the end, Jaffers made the last attempt to hold on to the unseen scientist, Griffin. Jaffers was knocked down unconscious.

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