Description English Example No.13 & 14

By | February 16, 2019

Description writing is an important part of English paragraph writing. You might be listening to the words of various descriptions like a description of a person, description book so you might be searching for various description example, description English, descriptive essay, description example paragraph. Here we are providing the description of

Give a factual description of the people, activities and things you come across in a crowded market. The following clues are there to help you in your assignment: hullabaloo; mini India; roaring business; eating places thronged; pickpockets; no empty pavements to walk; constables ineffective.

Ans. The most crowded market presents a scene full of hullabaloo. An India in miniature can be seen there. The people stroll leisurely. Some buy things while many do window-shopping. The young boys throng the place perhaps to look at beauties. The shopkeepers are too busy and have a roaring business. The eating places are overcrowded. The eve teasers and the anti-social elements have a field day. The pickpockets earn their livelihood easily. The number of constables is too meagre to cope with the situation. The pavements are occupied by the hawkers and the pedestrians suffer. The shutters down and the market goes to sleep in utter desolation.

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Gayatri Model Sr. Secondary School Ganga Nagar, celebrated its Annual Day on 4 March. The School Magazine in charge, Mrs Katyal asks Jyoti, a student of Class XII to write a detailed description of the event for the School Magazine. Write the same is not more than 200 words.

Ans:-                                                    ANNUAL DAY CELEBRATION

The Annual Day of the school was celebrated on the fourth of March this year. The Education Minister presided over the function. It was held in the school hall. The minister came at 10.30 a.m. sharp. He was welcomed at the school gate by the Principal. When he entered the hall, all stood up as a mark of respect. The minister took his seat and the function began. The Principal spoke a few words to welcome the President and other guests. Then he read out the annual report of the school. He gave an account of the progress made by the school during the preceding year. Then the Principal requested the President to give away the prizes. The President stood up to give away the prizes. He shook hands with the prize winners. All the prize winners were loudly cheered. Over 50 students with beaming faces and twinkling eyes received their prizes. Their proud parents happily and fondly looked on. After giving away the prizes, the President made a short but impressive speech. He congratulated the prize-winners. He advised the students to work hard. He laid special stress on the value of discipline and good character. He spoke very highly of the school. He congratulated the Principal and the staff on their excellent work. In the end, the Principal thanked the President and the function was over. Tea was served to the guests and prize-winners. The function was a great success in every respect.

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