Description English Example No.15

By | February 16, 2019

Description writing is an important part of English paragraph writing. You might be listening to the words of various descriptions like description of a person, description book so you might be searching for various description example, description English, descriptive essay, description example paragraph. Here we are providing the description of

Havan, invitees, birthday gifts, cake-cutting ceremony, Antakshri, dinner and dainty snacks, thanks etc. Your birthday celebration was a great event for you. Describe the event taking some help from the points given above.

 Ans.                                                    MY BIRTHDAY

 My parents decided to celebrate my sixteenth birthday formally in a Party Hall. The day started with my visit to a temple. A `havan’ was performed there by the priests. All my friends and relatives were invited to the party in the evening. They presented me with gifts. I cut the birthday cake while they sang in unison—”Happy Birthday to You.” Then we played `Antakshri’ and the real fun started when the DJ started playing our favourite songs. We all danced for nearly two hours. Meanwhile, delicious snacks were being served to all the guests. This was followed by a sumptuous dinner. The guests were served dainty snacks. Thereafter, a delicious dinner was served. This way we had a jolly good time. My parents and I thanked one and all.

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