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By | February 16, 2019

Description writing is an important part of English paragraph writing. You might be listening to the words of various descriptions like a description of a person, description book so you might be searching for various description example, description English, descriptive essay, description example paragraph. Here we are providing the description of

Ten students from your class visited the Red Fort of Delhi and you also accompanied the party. This visit was arranged by the History Society of your school. The Editor of the school magazine has sounded you to write a factual description of the Red Fort. Do the assignment.

Ans.                                                     A VISIT TO THE RED FORT

(by Ritu)

Last Saturday, I, along with ten of my classmates, under the arrangements of the History Society of our school visited the Red Fort of Delhi. The Red Fort is an imposing structure. Built by Shah Jahan in stone, it presents a lively picture of Mughal architecture. As we entered the main gate, we were welcomed by well laid out green gardens. At the end of the garden was Deewan-e-Aam, where the Mughal Emperor used to meet his subjects. It is a beautiful marble building decorated with inlay work. Situated on the Yamuna bank it is surrounded by a deep ditch to keep off the intruders. Then there are structures like Diwan-e-Khas and the Queen’s bathrooms. Some of the structures on the right side are made of red sandstone. This monument speaks volumes of Shah Jahan’s love for buildings. It is really marvellous.

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Last Sunday you happened to go to the railway station to receive a guest. You had to spend some time there. Give a description of what you saw at the railway platform. Clues: Train late; rush at tea stall; hustle and bustle; door blocked; jostling and elbowing.

Ans. Last Sunday I went to the railway station to receive my nephew. The train was somewhat late and this gave me an opportunity to enjoy the scene at the railway platform. The passengers were eagerly waiting for the arrival of the train. There was a mad rush at the tea stall. The vendors were shouting their wares at the top of their voices. The bookstall also attracted some passengers. At that moment the arrival of the Bhopal Express was announced and it created hustle and bustle. The cookies with the burden on their heads were virtually running to board the train. Noise and confusion prevailed everywhere. Jostling and elbowing was a common sight. After the departure of that train. The arrival of Ajmer Shatabdi was announced. Finally, my wait was over as I saw my nephew alighting from coach CI together we left for home.

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