5 Steps to Write a Great Letter of Complaint | Complaint Letter how to write

By | July 1, 2022
5 Steps to Write a Great Letter Of Complaint

Complaint Letter how to write

When writing a letter of complaint to an organization, business, government agency, etc., there are several things that will help ensure your letter gets seen by the right people. If you directly wish to see the sample, read our post- 5 Complaint Letter Samples with Formatting Tips

Additionally including the following complaint letter writing tips will definitely help you gain great marks and solve the query Complaint Letter how to write. Here are five things to keep in mind when writing a letter of complaint.

1. Be Specific to write a Letter of Complaint.

Make sure you’re clear with what you’re complaining about. Sometimes people think that raising an issue is complaining but no, if you are sure that the issue is taking place due to someone or any group and a solution is possible, using a proper format, for which you may want to read our post  Complaint Letter Format | Sample | Full Marks Tips you may raise the issue which has a concrete solution but the concerned person needs to be more aware and dutiful. Though for the examinations the topics are already given and you need to exactly focus on the issue and communicate to the concerned person in a right way. So finally I would like to add that be specific but not rude.

2.Include Details about the Problem in Letter of Complaint.

State why you’re writing Letter of Complaint. Explain what happened and who’s at fault. Be as detailed as possible. Try to adhere to the word limit but remember to frame sentences which have minimum words and maximum meaning. We hope this tip helps to the query how write complaint letter.

3.Explain why You’re Writing.

Include any relevant details that will help the recipient understand how to fix the problem. If there’s something else you’d like them to do, make sure to mention it in your letter of complaint. Suppose the issue is of the stray animals you first of all need to say that I have tried on my own to contact the owners of the animals but you had to face unexpected consequences. So if you want that the stake holders should be more alert. If the owners of those animals are at fault the concerned authorities are also guilty of negligence. How write complaint letter


4.Provide Contact Information.

Make sure to include contact information for both yourself and the company you’re complaining about. This includes your name, address, phone number, email address, and website. You should also include the name of the person who handles complaints at the company. Above details are to given for the professional complaint letter. If you are a student in CBSE board you must follow the format for writing complaint letter. In the latest format, the sender’s information is already given at the top left side, which is usually an address.

5.End with an Action Request.

After you’ve included all the necessary details, end your letter with a request for action. If you feel like your complaint has been ignored, ask them to respond within a certain timeframe. If you think there’s a chance your complaint will be resolved, ask them to resolve the issue before sending the letter.

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