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A Thing of Beauty Poetic Devices

                                                                By- John Keats


  • ‘bower quiet’-refers to a quiet shady part in the garden
  • ‘sweet dreams’-happy dreams
  • ‘wreathing a flowery band’-connecting to nature
  • `pall’-a covering like a shroud
  • ‘endless fountain of immortal drink’- refers to the deeds of great men and women that have made them a source of inspiration for people of all times
  • The list of beautiful things is metaphors and symbols of nature.


  • `noble natures’
  • ‘cooling covert’
  • ‘band to bind’


  • flowery bands’
  • ‘shady boon’
  • ‘clear rills’
  • ‘daffodils in green world’
  • ‘grandeur of dooms’
  • ‘cooling covert’
  • ‘endless fountain of eternal drink’


  • simple sheep’ — refers to mankind as Christ is considered the shepherd who leads human souls out of the dark world of sins and temptations

Transferred epithet:

  • ‘gloomy days’ • ‘unhealthy and o’er darkened ways’


  • ‘mighty dead’



  1. Things of beauty have an embalming effect.
  2. They help us cope with negativity.
  3. They make life more meaningful.
  4. God has blessed us with objects of beauty.
  5. We need to bond with them.

List of things of beauty

  1. Sun, moon, deep forests
  2. Sheep grazing in open pastures
  3. Daffodils, rivulets, musk roses
  4. Tombs built to honour heroes.
  5. Legends, tales from classics and scriptures

These things of beauty are like blessings from heaven, they sweeten our bitter lives.

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 Qualities of a thing of beauty

  1. 1. Gives everlasting joy.
  2. Ageless.
  3. Never goes waste
  4. Shelters and protects like a bower.
  5. Relaxes, comforts, invigorates us.

Things that cause pain

  1. Ill health, gloomy days, depression
  2. Lack of goodness in human beings
  3. In sad moments things of beauty come to our rescue, remove the gloom from our lives.

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