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By | July 20, 2023
A Thing of Beauty Long Question Answer

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A Thing of Beauty Long Question Answer

                                                                By- John Keats

Important Long/ Detailed Answer Type Questions- to be answered in about 100 -150 words each Value based questions-

Q1. How do things of beauty enrich us?                                                                                    

 Ans. Our desire to live on this earth is to a great extent due to the presence of beautiful things that are a constant source of joy for us. Without beauty, the earth is full of gloom and sadness. There is cruelty, selfishness and mean behaviour all around and lack of good-natured people. It is this beauty, a creation of God which removes the sadness and darkness from our minds and souls. As we get wrapped up in the beautiful flowery band or this strong connection with nature we get a reason to live further. The sun, the moon, trees old and young are all sources of happiness for us. The trees sprout and spread their branches to provide shelter within their shade for the simple sheep. The Daffodils bloom within the green surroundings in which they grow. The clear and small streams of water make a cooling shelter for themselves against the hot season. The thick mass of ferns looks grand with their beautiful musk roses. All these things enrich our lives to an extent that it is not possible to live without them.