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By | July 20, 2023
A Thing of Beauty Summary

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A Thing of Beauty Summary

                                                                By- John Keats

According to the poet, John Keats, a thing of beauty is a source of constant joy. Its beauty goes on increasing. It never fades away i.e. it never passes into nothingness. A beautiful thing is as comforting as a bower which is a peaceful and pleasant place in the shade of a tree, providing shelter and protection from the hot rays of the sun, giving us sound sleep, full of pleasant dreams, health and peaceful breathing.

As a result of this, every morning we are weaving a flowery wreath to bind us to the beauties of the earth despite our feelings of sadness and depression. We all possess negative attributes of hatred and disappointment. We suffer from a lack of noble qualities and follow unhealthy, evil ways. In spite of all this a beautiful thing helps us to remove the cover of gloom or darkness from our lives. It makes us love life despite the things that make us sad and dampen our spirits.

Here are a number of beautiful things that have the power to uplift our spirits like the sun, the moon and old and young trees. The trees sprout and spread their branches to provide shelter within their green covering (shade) for the simple sheep (humans). Similarly, the sight of daffodils blooming within their green surroundings, the clear and small streams of water which make a cooling shelter for themselves against the hot season, the thick mass of ferns looking grand with their beautiful musk roses are all things of beauty that makes us feel happy.

The mighty dead people whose achievements have made them great and powerful inspire us through their sagas of noble works. Their legends and stories enthuse us and we imagine their magnificence. A beautiful thing is also a source of joy just as the lovely tales we have heard or read give us profound happiness. It is like a fountain of immortality gushing out from nature’s endless fountain pours its sacred and immortal drink into the heart and soul of man and is a source of immense joy for us.

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John Keats says that beautiful things make an everlasting impression on our minds. These things give us peace of mind and pleasure. Beautiful things act as a shade under which we can sleep soundly and have sweet dreams. These have the power to bind us to the earth. In spite of a life which is full of disappointments, despondence, sad happenings and tribulations, the beautiful things make our life worth living by providing us with hope and enthusiasm.

The poet gives some examples of such beautiful things which give us eternal joy. These are simple things like the sun, the moon, different kinds of trees, etc. According to him, even common things like a flock of sheep, daffodils, springs of water, musk roses growing in wild forest are beautiful things, which give us joy and delight. Even the legends of the ‘mighty’ dead are counted as beautiful things because they have the same effect on the human spirit. The poet concludes by saying that in spite of these beautiful things, the beauty of nature remains incomparable. The beauty of nature is like an endless fountain pouring on us from Heaven. These are the never-diminishing and endless source of pleasures and delights and a precious gift from Heaven.

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