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By | September 12, 2023
A Baker from Goa Short Summary

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A Baker from Goa Short Summary

 By Lucia Rodrigues

  1. Elders often think fondly of good Portuguese days and their famous loaves of bread.
  2. The age-old furnaces still bake those bread.
  3. The thud and jingle of the baker’s bamboo announcing his arrival can still be heard in some places.
  4. Even today, these bakers are known as Pader in Goa.
  5. The children ran to meet and greet him.
  6. They longed for bread-bangles and sweet bread of special make.
  7. Marriage gifts were meaningless without the sweet bread known as the ‘bor.
  8. The lady of the house must prepare sandwiches on the occasion of her daughter’s engagement.
  9. Cakes and `bolinhas’ are a must for Christmas and other festivals.
  10. The presence of the baker’s furnace in the village is absolutely essential.
  11. The bakers in the old days used to wear a dress known as the kabai.
  12. Baking was quite a profitable profession in the old days.
  13. The baker and his family always looked happy and prosperous.

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