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By | June 4, 2024
A Baker from Goa Word Meaning with Hindi edumantra.net

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from A Baker from Goa. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying A Baker from Goa Word Meanings from First Flight Class 10.”

Hard Words : A Baker from Goa Page- 85

Pen-portrait = Description, Character sketch (शब्द चित्र बनाना), Traditional = Customary, Established (पारंपरिक), Goan = Related to Goa, Inhabitant of Goa (गोवा संबंधित), Reminiscing = Recalling, Remembering (यादें ताजा करना), Nostalgically = Sentimentally, Longingly (भावुकता से), Portuguese = From Portugal, European (पुर्तगाली), Loaves = Breads, Slices (पाव/रोटियाँ),

Vanished = Disappeared, Gone (गायब हो गया), Mixers = Blenders, Combiners (मिलाने वाला), Moulders = Shapers, Formers (आकार देने वाला), Furnaces = Ovens, Heaters (भट्टी), Extinguished = Quenched, Put out (बुझा दिया), Thud = Dull sound, Impact (भारी आवाज़), Jingle = Ring, Tinkle (झंझनाहट)

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A Baker from Goa Difficult Words in English Page- 86

Traditional = Customary, Age-old (पारंपरिक), Bamboo = Tall grass, Cane (बांस), Heralding = Announcing, Signaling (सूचना देना, ढिंढोरा पीटना ), Profession = Occupation, Job (व्यवसाय), Pader = Baker (in Goa) (पादेर – गोवा का बेकर), Companion = Partner, Friend (साथी), Jingling = Ringing, Chiming (झंझनाना), Thud = Dull sound, Bang (धड़ाम से आवाज़ यहाँ पर धम धम की आवाज़ ),

Loaf = Bread, Slice (डबलरोटी), Paskine or Bastine = Maid (in Goa) (नौकरानी), Bread-bangles = Rounded breads, Donut-like breads (चूड़ियां की तरह रोटियाँ जैसे आज कल के डोनट), Musical entry = Rhythmic arrival, Melodic appearance (संगीतमय प्रवेश), Rebuke = Scold, Reprimand (फटकार), Parapet = Wall barrier, Balustrade (दीवार की बाड़), Fragrance = Aroma, Scent (सुगंध),

Elders = Older people, Seniors (बुजुर्ग), Mango-leaf = Leaf of mango tree (आम का पत्ता), Tiger = Large wild cat, Feline (शेर), Basket = Container, Holder (टोकरी), Vertical = Upright, Straight up (खड़ा), Kids = Children, Youngsters (बच्चे), Brush = Clean, Scrub (साफ़ करना), Hot tea = Warm beverage, Heated drink (गरम चाय)

Good Word Meaning of the Lesson A Baker from Goa Page- 87 

Marriage gifts = Wedding presents, Nuptial offerings (शादी के उपहार), Bol = Sweet bread, Goan delicacy (मीठी रोटी), Feast = Large meal, Banquet (धावत), Sandwiches = Filled bread, Stuffed slices (सैंडविच), Engagement = Proposal, Commitment (सगाई),

Cakes and bolinhas = Sweet pastries, Desserts (केक और मिठाई), Furnace = Oven, Baking place (भट्टी), Kabai = Traditional dress, Goan attire (गोवा का परिधान), Frock = Dress, Gown (फ्रॉक), Half pants = Shorts, Bermudas (हाफ पैंट), Pader = Baker (in Goa), Bread seller (गोवा में बेकर), Bills = Payments, Accounts (बिल), Pencil = Writing instrument, Graphite tool (पेंसिल),

Profitable = Beneficial, Lucrative (लाभदायक), Starved = Hungry, Fasting (भूखा), Servants = Workers, Helpers (नौकर), Plump = Chubby, Round (गोलमटोल), Testimony = Proof, Evidence (साक्ष्य), Jackfruit-like = Large, Bulky (कटहल जैसा)