90.Short Essay and Article on Air Pollution

 Environmental pollution threatens our existence. The number of cars, motorbikes and other vehicles has been increasing day-by-day. They, along with industrial development, are causing a lot of air pollution, not only in big cities but also in small towns. You are Prerna/Puneet. Write an article, in 100-120 words, on Air Pollution’, highlighting its causes and effects.

Ans.                   Air Pollution

Much has been discussed all over the world about the ill effects of pollution, but very little has been done to control them. Air pollution is the worst of pollution as it is the biggest threat to living beings as well as the earth. Air pollution results in polluting the air we breathe our entire atmosphere and also leads to global warming. Industries and vehicles cause much of our pollution. With modernization and industrialization, our life is put in danger, thanks to air pollution. Now industries are coming up even in small towns. Once it was believed that small towns were ideal living places for city dwellers to have clean air. But things have changed. The number of motor-driven vehicles has increased, so has air pollution. Smoke from the vehicles, households and industries — mix with the clean air in the atmosphere. Thus we have polluted oxygen to breathe. This again causes diseases of the lungs. The condition of asthmatic people worsens if they breathe such polluted air. Planting more trees which release oxygen in the atmosphere is one solution to escape air pollution.

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