45.English Essay Example on : The Secret of Success

By | July 25, 2018

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The Secret of Success

In the modem age, every man wants to make a quick buck. It is because we live in a materialistic world where money thinks, talks, acts and rules. A man without money has no status in life. This is the reason that those who cannot make money through honest means, resort to several corrupt practices to become rich overnight.

As we generally see in life, a corrupt man, however, clever he may be, is caught in the long run and he has to spend his life behind the bars. Such a man can hardly be called a successful man.

 It is thus that a person who wants to be really successful in life, must adopt some fair means for the purpose. It is rightly said that nothing can be received without giving. One receives only in proportion to what one gives. So, sacrifice is the first and foremost requirement for achieving success.

A shopkeeper who adulterates food and other items or one who gives short measures loses his customers and ultimately goes bankrupt On the other hand, a shopkeeper who is fair in his dealings attracts customers and grows rich in the long run.

A student who does not work hard and wants to get through various examinations by copying from books and other classmates, loses grip over all subjects and ends as a dullard and a failure in life. So, the real secret of success lies in hard work. There is no other miracle which can bring about success.

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