Should Wizard Hit Mommy?- Important Extra Questions Value-Based Answer Type

By | July 17, 2023
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Should Wizard Hit Mommy?

                                            By-John Updike

Value-based Questions

1. During our childhood and in adolescence peer pressure plays a very important role in our lives. Write a speech on the topic ‘Effect of Peer Pressure on Children.’

Ans.                                                  ‘Effect of Peer Pressure on Children’

Good Morning everyone. Childhood is supposed to be the most tender time of life. A child is like clay with no preconceptions. His world is too small. It includes their parents and friends. But as Wordsworth said, “The child is the father of the Man”, so even this small child is conscious of his image, acceptance and appreciation. At this young age, it is very difficult for a child to accept ridicule and rejection because he is not mature enough to handle the harsh realities of life. As a result, the action and reaction of his friends become most important for him.

 It’s not that the peer effect is always negative. Many times, a child learns new constructive things and habits in a very natural way while dealing with his friends. He learns social manners and the significance of caring and sharing. But if the peer group is not right, then the pressure of peer group might mislead him. He can start imitating bad habits like telling lies, abusing, stealing, etc. Even if the child knows whatever the others are doing is wrong, he is compelled to do the same out of peer pressure.

Thus, I conclude with the point that peer pressure can be very effective if the peer group consists of children who have good habits. But if the peer group is not up to the mark, then this may bring disastrous effects on children.

2. The conflict between the viewpoints of children and parents is a very common feature. Many time parents find it difficult to handle children. Write an article on the growing conflicts between the ideologies of the parents and children with reference to the story ‘Should Wizard Hit Mommy?’

Ans.                                 Conflicts between Parents and Children

The conflict between parents and children is an age-old phenomenon. Some call it a generation gap, another conflict of ideas. In fact, they both seem to be right on their part. Parents, being adults, want to be caring and cautious about their children. As an adult, it is their duty to imbibe traditions and values in them. Their concern for the future of their children makes them supervise them. But, on the other hand, children have their own viewpoint. For them, their individuality and standing in their own society are of utmost importance. Like Jo in the story ‘Should Wizard Hit Mommy?’ they find it cruel on the part of their parents to make them an object of ridicule as also rejection by the peer group. But, on the other hand, parents are also right in their ideology, like Roger Skunk’s mommy. who did not want her son to lose his originality and identity? She wants to teach Skunk that we should not change for others rather the world should accept us as what we are.

Thus, the conflict between the ideologies of parents and that of children is an ongoing process.

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