36.Short Essay and Article on ISLANDS OF MALTA


1. The Tiny Islands of Malta lie basking in the Mediterranean sun midway between the southern shores of Sicily and the northern reaches of the Libyan coast. In its 30 old years of independence, It has-like other strategic points an around the world such as Singapore. Hong Kong and Dubai – used its position as a trading crossroads to good effect. Using traditional Maltese skills and endeavour they have forged their own route through the complexities of world trade. With the added bonus of recently discovered oil reserves, the future for the island is looking as bright as their sunlight on a summer’s day.
2. The national carrier Air Malta, just 25 years old, is symptomatic of the country’s steady economic climb. They now reach as many as 45 different destinations, a statistic that makes their route map look like a star bursting into Europe.
3. In addition to the lure of business and shopping. Malta has a flourishing tourist trade that can compete with any of offer around the region. Not only are there self-contained resorts offering sun, sea and nightlife with any number of watersports thrown in. but in every nook and cranny of Malta’s 245 sq km (not to mention the added 57 sq. km of Gozo), there are eye-popping glimpses of a turbulent history that goes back to the Phoenicians and beyond. A great deal of Malta, particularly Valletta the capital, is like a live-in museum of medieval chivalry, while Gozo, the northern-most island, is supposed to have been the place where Ulysses stayed for seven years with the enchantress Calypso in Homer’s classic story The Odyssey.
4. But there are plenty of other more modern parts which cater to business and tourism. There are several tourist resorts of the north and eastern coasts that offer plenty of vibrant nightlife in addition to the delights of the clear blue Mediterranean waters. Apart from the sandy beaches and endless exciting water-sports activities, there are plenty of homely and atmospheric cafes and restaurants. Scuba diving, in particular, is very popular here with easy access to many underwater caves and grottos and scores of WW2 wrecks. The sun and sea combination is irresistible especially when added to the baroque antique wonders all over the islands.
5. The Grand Harbour in Valletta, with its multiple creek inlets, is one of the finest natural deepwater ports in the world. There are 64 villages in Malta with their own church. The Parish church at Mostar is 150 years old and an enormous dome reported to be the third-largest in the world. The Medina Cathedral is an artistic gem with colourful frescoes and sparkling glass chandeliers lining the hall. It is a centre of cottage industries. Malta to Gozo is a few miles run-Maltese consider Gozo as their favourite destination for weekends and holidays because of amazing geological features like the Azure Gate. a natural stone arch reaching out into the sea with the flashing waves of the Mediterranean swirling below. Around the islands, there is 2000 km. of roads linking the villages and towns. However, the country roads are relatively free and the whole place can be lapped in no time if that’s what one really wants.

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