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By | November 23, 2022
Paragraph on How I Celebrated My Birthday

Paragraph on How I Celebrated My BirthdayAs humans, we have different personalities and preferences, which is why we celebrate our special days in different ways.

Write a Paragraph in about 100-150 words on the following topic:-

Ans:                                         WHEN I CELEBRATED MY BIRTHDAY

Last month, I celebrated my 16th birthday. It was celebrated with pomp and show. The big drawing-room in our house was decorated beautifully. My father had invited all his close friends. I had invited all my class-fellows. Many families from our colony were invited. The birthday cake was big and beautifully made. Sixteen candles were put on it. These candles showed that it was my sixteenth birthday. I touched the feet of my parents and received their blessings.
Then I blew out the sixteen candles one by one. All the guests shouted with joy, “Happy Birthday to you.” Then I cut the birthday cake and distributed its small pieces among the guests. I got beautiful presents from my near and dear ones. My father had arranged an orchestra on this occasion. It presented a very good programme of music. In the end, the guests were served dinner. I will never forget my sixteenth birthday.

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Paragraph on How I Celebrated My Birthday

As soon as my birthday is about to come I start planning a week before. This year also I started planning. I decided to stay in and have a relaxing day. I woke up early and prepared all boxes of toffees to be taken to school. Later that afternoon, I celebrated my birthday with my family and friends.
There was dance, cake cutting and games. We watched some movies and ate pizza together. It was really nice spending time with them. Towards the end of the night, we all went out for ice cream. It was a really fun way to end my birthday!

How I Celebrated My Birthday- 100 Words

When I turned 16, I thought it would be a good idea to celebrate by going out with my friends and enjoying myself. But what I didn’t account for was my birthday falling on a weekend and so all of my friends were unavailable.  So instead of having a fun night out, I ended up staying in and watching Netflix all day.
Although it wasn’t the best birthday experience, at least I got to spend it alone. And that’s okay; sometimes you just need some time alone to recharge and reflect on your life. So if you’re feeling down on your birthdays, remember that everyone experiences them differently and that there are plenty of other ways to celebrate without involving other people.

Paragraph on How I Celebrated My Birthday- 150 Words

Paragraph on How I Celebrated My Birthday- 150 Words edumantra

On May 15, I turned to be of 13 years. I celebrated my birthday by going out with my friends and family. I really enjoyed spending time with them all and celebrating with them. I had a really fun birthday celebration! We started the day by going to my favorite coffee shop and getting breakfast. We also went to a local pizza place and had a great time. Afterwards, we walked around the neighborhood and caught some other fun filled activities at a local restaurant.
My friends had already arranged cake there. Cutting of cake and sharing with all was a great part of my birthday. I also ate way too much cake and had so much fun with my friends! It was such a fun day and I am so grateful for all the love and support that was shown to me. We ended the day with some ice cream at my friend’s house. It was a great way to spend my birthday. I wish that every year should come in the same way. 

10 Lines on My Birthday Party

10 Lines on My Birthday Party edumantra
  1. Celebrating birthday is like a festival for me. 
  2. I always celebrate my birthday with a fun games and dance. 
  3. I always plan all the fun activities a week before my birthday. 
  4. On birthday my full day is full of different activities. 
  5. My friends and parents make my birthday memorable by gifts.
  6. Special moments like return gifts and awards make my birthday celebration unique.
  7. I invite some of my old friends for a fantastic birthday party. 
  8. My parents always book a nearby restaurant for my birthday party.
  9. On my birthday I take some time to relax and enjoy 
  10. I Enjoy your day to the fullest!

Paragraph Writing on How I Celebrated My Birthday- 250 Words

I want to share with you some of the details of my birthday celebration. I had a really fun day this year. I had a really fun birthday celebration! My friends came over we started out by going to  the park. It was so warm and sunny and we just had a lot of fun running around and playing tag. We also ate some chocolate, toffees, pizza and played games, at the park and then went home for some ice cream. After that, my friends and I went to a nearby arcade to play some further games.
It was so much fun!  It was great to get together with them and just have a good time. I celebrated further time on my birthday in a very special way. I invited all of my friends and family to come over to my house for a big party in the evening. We had a lot of fun cooking, eating, and playing games at home also. Then it was time for cake cutting and my friends offered my several Gifts. My parents came over and we had a delicious dinner. After dinner, we all went out for ice cream. It was so much fun getting to spend time with them. Later that night, my friends and I took a walk around the neighborhood. It was so nice to just enjoy each other’s company. Finally, on my birthday, I got to sleep in!
Overall, it was such a fun day and I’m grateful for all of the special moments that were included. It was such a fun experience getting gifts from everyone I love. I loved every minute of it!

 Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Long Essay on My Birthday Celebration- 1000 Words

Essay on My Birthday Celebration edumantra

This year was a bit different than most. For one, I turned 26 which, considering that I’m now an adult, felt like an eternity ago. And secondly, I celebrated my birthday in a unique way – by traveling to five countries over the course of 10 days. While it was undoubtedly an adventure and a new experience for me, it wasn’t the only thing that made my birthday special.
In fact, there was something else that happened that day that I’ll never forget. I met someone special. Now before you start thinking that this person is just some random stranger I met on my trip, let me explain a little bit more. We met while I was in Morocco and he ended up staying with me for pretty much the entire trip. We shared meals and conversations, laughed together and even got a little romantic in some of the quieter moments.
Needless to say, it was an unforgettable experience and something that I’ll never forget. So what does all of this have to do with writing? Well, as cliché as it sounds, writing is ultimately about storytelling. And what better way to celebrate my 26th birthday than by sharing my story with you?

I started Planning My Birthday Party a Week in Advance

how i celebrate my birthday essay edumantra

My birthday is just around the corner, and I have been planning it for weeks in advance! I decided on a unique theme for my party, and I am so excited to pull everything off. My friends and family are all going to have a blast! Here’s what my party will look like:
I decided to have a “Birthday Bash” theme for my party. This means that there will be lots of fun decorations, games, and surprises waiting for everyone who attends! To start things off, I hired a clown to come entertain the kids while we eat our picnic lunch.
After lunch, everyone is going to get into their respective party costumes and head over to one of the attainment rooms (the other one being reserved as a photo zone!). There, they’ll be able to enjoy some fun games such as “Pin The Tail On The Donkey” or “Ring Around The Rosie”. Once everyone has had enough fun playing games, it’s time for the big surprise!
Every guest will receive an invitation card with instructions on how they can join in on the special birthday performance by my favorite singer (whose identity I am keeping secret until showtime!). Everyone who participates will make me very happy (especially if they can perform a unique or hilarious song)! After the performance is complete, everyone will gather back in the main room for cake and presents. It’s going to be an amazing day full of surprises!

I Invited all of My Close Friends and Family Members

For my birthday, I invited all of my close friends and family members. We had a BBQ at a 5 star hotel and it was so much fun. I’m grateful for all the amazing people in my life.

I Arranged for a DJ to Play Music Throughout the Party

To celebrate my birthday, I asked a DJ to play music throughout the party. This was a great way to keep everyone entertained and happy! It was also great for keeping the party going all night long. The DJ made sure to play all of my favorite songs, which made the experience even more enjoyable. I would definitely recommend hiring a DJ for your next party!

I Picked out the Perfect Birthday Cake

I spent my birthday weekend in New York City with my family. On Saturday morning, we took a walk around Central Park and had brunch at a restaurant in the park. After, we went to the top of the observation deck at Rockefeller Center to take some pictures, and then headed down to Times Square for some shopping.
We ended up getting dinner at a pizza place near our hotel before coming back home.
On Sunday, we woke up early and took a taxi over to the Brooklyn Museum where I saw an exhibit of African art. Afterwards, my parents took us all out for breakfast at a small diner down the street from our hotel.
We walked around Flatbush Avenue for awhile before heading back to our room and watching some TV.
That night, I got ready for my party at my friend’s apartment in Chelsea. It was really fun catching up with everyone there and playing games like Truth or Dare. Afterward, we all went out for dinner at a Mexican restaurant nearby. My friend gave me a really nice birthday present – an airline ticket to go visit her in Chile next month!
Overall, it was a great weekend – I loved spending time with my family and friends, experiencing different parts of New York City, and eating delicious food!

I served Snacks and Drinks Throughout the Night

I served snacks and drinks throughout the night, in addition to providing decorations and a special cake. I had my parents come over and we all had a great time. It was really fun to get together with them and celebrate my birthday.

I Hung Out with My Friends

I had the best birthday party ever! I was with my friends and we had a blast. We ate pizza and ice cream, played games, and danced all night. It was so much fun. I can’t wait to do it again next year.

I Got a Lot of Gifts

I celebrated my birthday with a lot of family and friends. I got a lot of gifts, but the best gift was spending time with them. We ate cake and laughed until it hurt. It was the best birthday ever!

I Enjoyed Myself

I enjoyed myself by going out with my friends for dinner, then going to a movie. I also baked some cake and had a few drinks with my family. Overall, it was a great birthday and I’m glad that I celebrated it the way that I did.


Thanks for reading my essay on how I celebrated my birthday! It was a lot of fun and I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading about it. To start, we hosted a small get-together with some of my closest friends. We had burgers and fries (of course) and played games together until the late hours of the night.
After eating all that junk food, we went out for ice cream cake at a local joint. It was all very nostalgic and fun – I can’t wait to do it again next year!

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