7. Describing an Event: A Wedding in My Family

A Wedding in My Family

Write a paragraph on the topic in about 80 words:

Ans.                                         A Wedding in My Family

In India, marriages are celebrated with great zeal, fun and fare, pomp and show. My sister’s marriage took place on 21st March last year. Suddenly everybody in the family got busy with one responsibility or the other. Long discussions were held to finalize even small matters. Local relatives visited us quite often and lent a helping hand. On the day of wedding, the house was tastefully decorated. Everything looked spick and span. A beautiful pandal was erected in the square opposite our house. The Barat arrived at the appointed time. The wedding ceremony was performed with Hindu Vedic rites. My sister looked like a fairy in her bridal dress. All of us had tears in our eyes when she left us.

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