9. Describing an Event: An Incident I Cannot Forget

An Incident I Cannot Forget

Write a paragraph on the topic in about 80 words:

Ans                                      An incident I cannot forget

 The day before yesterday, I was coming back from school in the afternoon. My teacher also lives near my house. Both of us along with other children got down from the bus and started walking towards our home. My teacher was also walking beside me. Suddenly one motorbike stopped right in front of us. There were two tough-looking boys. One kept sitting on the bike, the other got down and snatched the purse of my teacher and started towards the bike. My teacher started shouting & screaming. When I realized that the boy had snatched away the purse, throwing away my school bag on one side. I pounced upon the guy cut off his arm and snatched the purse. He screamed in pain and climbed on the bike and escaped. My teacher immediately rang up to 100 and called the police. This incident I cannot forget.

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