17. Describing an Event:  Independence Day Celebration as I saw on Television

By | October 14, 2022
Independence Day Celebration as I saw on Television

Write a paragraph on the topic in about 80 words:                                        

Ans:                   Independence Day Celebration as I saw on Television

It was the 54th Independence Day of India, which I decided to watch on television. On Aug 15, after paying tributes to the Father of Nation at Rajghat, the Prime Minister of India proceeded towards the Red Fort. He was given a grand guard of honour by the three contingents of NCC and defence. He shook hands with all the dignitaries and VIPs present on the lawns of the Red Fort. Then, he was taken up to the precincts of the Fort. He unfurled the Indian flag and immediately the National anthem was sung by everyone. Then the Prime Minister addressed the nation in a speech lasting forty-five minutes. The function ended with the loud Jai Hinds and everybody started to leave as soon as the Prime Minister left the premises of the Red Fort.

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