144. Short Essay and Article on: Human Wants And Resultant Corruption

You are Sangeeta / Sohail. You have been selected to represent your school in an All India Debate Competition organized by National Children’s Club, Delhi. The topic for the debate is ‘In the opinion of this house minimization of human wants is the only way to cleanse society of all kinds of corruption.’ Write an article in not more than 200 words for or against the motion, giving arguments for your stand.                                                                                                                                                                     

Ans:-                            HUMAN WANTS AND RESULTANT CORRUPTION

The present-day race for money and material things are the results of man’s putting no limit to his wants. As human wants an increase, the wherewithal to satisfy them has also to be sought. And when we can’t find it by fair means, we start taking resort to unfair ones. In other words, we can say that all the corrupt practices in the materialistic world of today are due to the infinite multiplicity of man’s wants. So all talk of rooting out corruption from society and any attempt to check it will prove futile if a man does not put a check on his wants. Having no wants is divine, but it is not possible that a man who is an earthy being should have no wants. But it is certainly possible for him to put a check on his superfluous wants. ‘Contentment is natural wealth, luxury is artificial poverty,’ said the great philosopher Socrates and he added that ‘the fewer our wants the nearer we resemble gods.’ So to my mind, this world which is caught and writhing in the cogwheels of corruption can be turned into a paradise if we only minimize our wants. The mad rat race for money will then automatically come to an end and society will get cleansed of all kinds of corruption.

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