141. Short Essay and Article on: Life in a Big City

Write an article on the kind of life people live in a big city.

Ans:                                         LIFE IN A BIG CITY

 Life in big cities is very fast, busy and devoid of peace. The atmosphere is noisy and suffocating. The roads and streets are crowded and unsafe. Life in a big city is artificial, mechanical and materialistic. We cannot enjoy the beauties of nature in a city as we can in a village. City life is extremely unhealthy. The smoke coming out of factory-chimneys makes the atmosphere dirty. People get no opportunity to breathe fresh and pure air. Food in big cities is adulterated. We cannot get pure milk, ghee and other eatables. Life is very costly. Rents and fares are very high. Modern cities are very crowded. Much time is wasted in going from one place to another. City people do not have any fellow-feeling. They are very selfish and self–centred they have no peace of mind. They do not lead a contented life. Life in a big city is nothing but an endless race for money.

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