126.Short Essay and Article on: Advertisement: Boon or Bane

The advertisement is omnipresent. Wide markets, cut-throat competition and the need to spread awareness amongst people have made advertising a big business. Advertisement sometimes is fool people but it cannot be a substitute for quality. Write an article on the effects of advertisement.

Ans.                                                     ADVERTISEMENT: BOON OR BANE

Wide markets, cut-throat competition and the need to spread awareness have made advertisements omnipresent. Its repetition and variation create hardened followers of some particular products. Advertisements can create problems for parents when their children insist on having “Maggie” every day.

Too much dose of advertisement gives birth to confused personalities. Even substandard, inferior and dubious goods get promoted. On the strength of advertisement, producers sell their goods irrespective of their quality. Thus, advertisement conditions the mindset of the consumers. It enhances consumerism and lures people to buy things even if they are not required. It creates forced publicity whereas quality generates self-publicity. A good product needs no push. Advertisements can create blind followers. It leaves a lasting impression on the mind of the onlooker/reader. It particularly affects the minds of children. Therefore, advertising companies should use caution and prudence while designing them.

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