123. Short Essay and Article on: ‘School Admission and Capitation Fee’

The admission of a child in a public school has become the hell of a job. The admission test is simply a formality, an eye-wash. In reality, what is seen is the size of the pocket of the parents. Capitation fee is being given fancy names to befool helpless parents and exploit them. Write an article on the topic ‘School Admission and Capitation Fee.’

Ans.                                         SCHOOL ADMISSION AND CAPITATION FEE

Liberalization has let loose the dogs of consumerism and this has eaten into the very values. School admission is governed by the economic law of demand and supply. Status-conscious parents are ready to give any amount of money to seek admission of their children in a public school.

 Most of the public schools are dignified teaching shops. They mint money and pick the pockets of trapped parents. Tests are held for admission to float a feeling of impartiality and of a fair-and-square game. Tests are a fraud. The highest bidder gets the seat. Capitation fee has gained notoriety but for it, the new fancy name has been coined. No receipt is issued for capitation fee. This way it generates black money. The tragedy is people who denounce capitation fee themselves pay it. Like bribery, capitation fee should be made a cognizable offence. Education should not be commercialized. Let schools be temples and not money-minting mills.

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