ED Full-Form | What is the Full Form of ED

By | September 8, 2023
ED Full-Form | What is Education (ED)

Edumantra has the best explained ED full form. Take advantage of freely available full form of ED at our website. Remain full of knowledge of  MEANING OF ED. We would like to tell that the full form of ED is Education.


ED Definition

ED Full-Form | What is Education (ED)

Ed stands for the word education. This is one of the most common abbreviations that you must have come across ever because this is quite visible in the day to day life. Education is not simply the knowledge of something in every of the textbook possible way. Education is one of those arts of human life, where you would love to get the inner essence of the happening around you or the language that you speak, or the past from which you have ascended.

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Practically everything that you can basically think of. The ED is one of the government bodies that look after law enforcement and economic intelligence and its stability in the country. ED plays a major role in the enforcement of the law and order of the nation and has solved many high-profile and important cases for the country. The directorate was first started in the year 1956.

It primarily helps in the enforcement of two major acts of the Indian constitution, firstly the Prevention of Money Laundering Act 2002 (PMLA) and Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999 (FEMA).


The Ed is surely one of the prime factors that drive the nations and this is just one place that India; lags considerably than the superpowers.

The government has recently asked the ED to look after some of the most sophisticated cases of the nation, related to scams in various fields.

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  • Enumeration District
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