Full-Form of DAC | What is DAC

By | September 9, 2023

Edumantra has the best-explained DAC full form. Take advantage of freely available Full form of DAC at our website. Remain full of knowledge of the meaning of DAC.  We would like to tell that the full form of DAC is Development Assistance Committee.


DAC Definition

DAC Full-Form | What is Development Assistance Committee (DAC)

DAC expanded as the Development Assistance Committee is a functional body that focuses on the development and growth in different nations around the globe.


The committee strives to create sustainable development by encouraging economic growth, decreasing poverty and improving the standards of living, and equipping the developing countries to become independent and self-sufficient nations. The committee monitors the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development which functions to achieve the goals of development and development policies.

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The body comprises of many large funders of aid and these constituents work to achieve a common goal of development around the world.


Development Assistance Committee operates with the aim of achieving economic stability and financial welfare in all the countries of the world.

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