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By | March 31, 2023
Two Gentlemen of Verona Theme and Message


Theme in Short-

The chapter Two Gentlemen of Verona has multiple themes-

Here we are providing point wise theme in short-

Theme- 1- Sacrifice- We see the ultimate sacrifice of both of the brothers for their sister.
Theme- 2- Loyalty- The main characters of the story Jacopo and Nicola are very loyal towards their duty.
Theme 3- Where there is a will there is a way- We see that there was no special skill or high degree with the children but both of them were successful to make their living and bear the expenditure of their sister’s treatment. This became possible because they has a strong will power.
Theme- 4- Struggle in Poverty- Another theme of the chapter Two Gentlemen of verona is the struggle. It clearly tells what life becomes when one does not have many means.

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Theme in detail- Two Gentlemen of Verona

The chapter “The Two Gentlemen of Verona” is based on the theme of struggle, sacrifice and loyalty. From beginning to the end we see that both the children Jacopo and Nicola do multiple works without thinking about their health and comfort. Another base which is the theme of the chapter is loyalty towards duty. After the death of their parents both of them take up the duty of taking care of their sister. They perform their duty so well that they even do not let their sister realize the amount of hard work they were doing. they keep facing a number of hardships still they remain loyan to their duty.
Through the experiences of Jacopo and Nicola we see that , they have strong will power. So another theme is where there is a will there is a way. Their will to work and make their future better makes a chapter worth reading repeatedly.

What is the message of the story- Two Gentlemen of Verona

The story gives us a message that we should be true to our duties and understand the importance if serving others.
The message of “The Two Gentlemen of Verona” by A.J. Cronin is that true success and fulfillment in life come not from personal ambition or pursuit of wealth, but from serving others and being true to one’s principles and values.
Another message of the chapter Two Gentlemen of Verona is if we work hard we should remain consistent. Like both of the characters Jacopo and Nicola do not take care of their own rest and confort but they are consistent in their efforts.
The writer lays emphesis that even in the most difficult situations people should not leave hope. The boys had to face utmost face of adversity, still they did not leave hope. This teaches us the lesson of optimism.

Plot Overview- Two Gentlemen of Verona

This story is about two little boys who overcome all the hardships to help their ailing sister. The two boys; live in a village in Italy. Their widower father had been killed during early years of the war. Their village suffered due to German occupation. Their house was turned into rubble because of incessant bombings during the war. The boys were finally left with their only beloved sister. The sister was suffering from tuberculosis. It is important to remember that tuberculosis was an incurable disease during those days. The boys migrate to a nearby city and begin doing petty jobs. They work as shoeshine boys, as local guide and did many things while trying to earn money.

Question- Write a note on the title of Two Gentlemen of Verona-
A.J. Cronin uses the title of William Shakespeare’s famous play, The Two Gentlemen of Verona in an ironic manner. Cronin’s portrayal of these modern ‘gentlemen’ of Verona re-defines the concept of what it means to be a gentleman, Cronin shows us that one may polish boots or sell newspapers, but it is the magnanimity of heart and the nobleness of purpose that actually determines whether one is a true ‘gentleman’.