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By | October 26, 2023
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In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from A Wedding in Brownsville. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying A Wedding in Brownsville Word Meanings from Kaleidoscope Class 12.”

Hard Words : A Wedding in Brownsville Page No.- 21

Burden = heavy load, responsibility (भार), Responsibilities = duties, tasks (जिम्मेदारियाँ), Community = society, group (समुदाय), Zionists = Jewish nationalists, supporters (ज़ायनिस्ट), Committee = group, panel (समिति),

Scholastic = academic, educational (विद्यान्वित), Quarterly = periodical, magazine (त्रैमासिक), Agnostic = skeptic, doubter (अज्ञेयवादी), Atheist = non-believer, skeptic (नास्तिक),

Seders = Jewish feast, ritual meal (सेडर्स), Landsman = countryman, fellow (सजीवनी), Refugees = migrants, displaced (शरणार्थी)  

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A Wedding in Brownsville Difficult Words in English Page No.- 22

Regularly = often, habitually (नियमित रूप से), Meetings = gatherings, assemblies (बैठकें), Ranks = positions, levels (पायदान),

Invitation = request, summons (निमंत्रण), Prerogative = right, privilege (विशेषाधिकार), Gorge = overeat, stuff (खूब खाना), Greasy = oily, fatty (चिकना), Diet = nutrition plan, regimen (आहार),

Feast = banquet, celebration meal (धावत), Irritated = annoyed, bothered (परेशान), Unruly = wild, uncontrollable (अनियंत्रित), Distorted = twisted, altered (विरूपित), Skullcaps = head coverings, kippahs (मुखोटा), Reverend = respected, venerable (पूज्य), Aped = imitated, mimicked (अनुकरण किया),

Ashamed = embarrassed, guilty (शरमिंदा), Palisades = fences, fortifications (बाड़), Lingered = delayed, tarried (देरी की) , Destroyed = ruined, devastated (नष्ट), Tortured = harmed, tormented (यातना दी गई),

Gassed = poisoned, asphyxiated (गैस से मारा गया), Aloof = distant, detached (दूर), Snob = elitist, arrogant (घमंडी) , Familiarly = informally, casually (अपरिचित तरीके से)  

Good Word Meaning of Class 12 A Wedding in Brownsville Page No.- 23

Dawned = begun, started (आरंभ हुआ), Dreary = bleak, dull (उदास), Meticulously = carefully, thoroughly (सूक्ष्मता से), Trimmed = cut, neatened (काटा), Exhaustion = tiredness, fatigue (थकावट),

Features = traits, characteristics (विशेषताएं), Folds = creases, wrinkles (तार), Skimpy = scanty, short (संकीर्ण), Petticoat = undergarment, slip (अंडरस्कर्ट), Muscular = strong, brawny (मांसल),

Vegetated = existed, lived without purpose (बिना उद्देश्य के जीना), Ostensibly = apparently, seemingly (प्रकट रूप से), Wealthy = rich, affluent (धनी), Colleagues = coworkers, peers (सहकर्मी),

Circles = groups, communities (समूह), Self-taught = autodidact, self-educated (स्वयं सिखाया हुआ), Pursued = followed, chased (अनुसरण किया), Pressure = force, stress (दबाव)  

English Chapter A Wedding in Brownsville English Difficult Words Page No.- 24

Secretly = privately, covertly (गुप्त रूप से), Prodigy = genius, marvel (प्रतिभाशाली), Reciting = narrating, repeating (पाठ करना), Responsum = answer, decree (धार्मिक जवाब), Illustrious = notable, famed (प्रमुख),

Squandered = wasted, misspent (व्यर्थ गवा दिया), Hypochondria = health worry, illness fear (रोग संवेदना), Carnage = massacre, slaughter (नरसंहार), Extinction = end, eradication (संप्रेषण),

Despise = loathe, detest (तिरस्कार करना), Matrons = older women, ladies (बुढ़िया), Petty = minor, small (तुच्छ) , Prolonged = extended, long (दीर्घकालिक), Flushed = reddened, blushed (लाल),

Mania = obsession, craze (उन्माद), Scoured = cleaned, scrubbed (धो डाला), Polishing = shining, buffing (चमकाना), Safety Belt = harness, strap (सुरक्षा पट्टी)  

English Chapter 3 A Wedding in Brownsville Word Meaning in English Page No.- 25

Groceries = provisions, supplies (किराना), Wryly = ironically, mockingly (व्यंग्यपूर्ण रूप से), Familiarity = acquaintance, intimacy (परिचितता), Blurted = exclaimed, uttered suddenly (अचानक कह दिया),

Refreshed = revitalized, rejuvenated (ताजगी पाई), Illusions = delusions, misconceptions (भ्रांतियाँ), Junker = aristocrat, noble (सम्राट), Thinning = becoming sparse, lessening (पतला हो रहा है),

Stooped = hunched, bent (झुका हुआ), Monocle = single eyeglass, lens (मोनोकल), Pretentious = showy, ostentatious (दिखावटी), Severity = seriousness, sternness (कठोरता)  

A Wedding in Brownsville English To English Word Meaning Page No.- 26

Honourable = ethical, principled (मान्यता), Cant = insincerity, hypocrisy (ढोंग), Careerism = ambition, opportunism (व्यावसायिक प्रवृत्ति), Mania = obsession, fixation (उन्माद), Cadillac = luxury car, automobile brand (कैडिलैक),

Hazardous = risky, perilous (खतरनाक), Frosted = iced, chilled (हिमजमावाला), Impenetrably = densely, thickly (अभेद्यता से), Retreated = withdrew, pulled back (पीछे हटा), Cosmic = universal, celestial (ब्रह्मांडीय),

Hesitantly = uncertainly, reluctantly (संकोच से), Immortality = endless life, perpetuity (अमरत्व), Glare = brightness, shimmer (चमक), Suffused = spread over, permeated (भर दिया), Glow = shine, radiance (चमक),

Tugboat = towboat, puller (टगबोट), Barges = flatboats, vessels (नाव), Gusts = blasts, bursts (झोंका)  

Kaleidoscope Chapter A Wedding in Brownsville Word Meaning English Page No.- 27

Worth = value, merit (मूल्य), Jolted = jerked, bumped (झटका), Screeched = yelled, shrieked (चीखना), Grimaced = frowned, winced (मुँह बनाना), Pallor = paleness, whiteness (फिकापन), Glazed = shiny, glossy (चमकीला), Industrial = factory, business (औद्योगिक),

Warehouses = stores, godowns (गोदाम), Tavern = bar, pub (शराबखाना), Unearthly = strange, eerie (अलौकिक), Incarnation = avatar, form (अवतार), Synagogue = temple, shrine (सिनागोग), Funeral = burial, death (अंत्येष्टि),

Lobby = hall, entrance (प्रवेशदलान), Engulfed = covered, swamped (लपेट लेना), Checkroom = locker, store (सामान रखने का कमरा), Skullcap = cap, hat (सिर की टोपी), Musicians = artists, players (संगीतज्ञ) 

English Lesson 3 A Wedding in Brownsville Word Meaning English to Hindi Page No.- 28

Hodge-podge = mixture, jumble (मिश्रण), Flourishes = extras, adornments (अलंकरण) , Oriental = eastern, Asian (पूरवीय), Skullcaps = caps, headgear (टोपी), Hors d’oeuvres = starters, appetizers (नाश्ता), Schnapps = alcohol, spirit (शराब),

Resounded = echoed, reverberated (गूंजा), Retinue = entourage, followers (साथियों का समूह), Amalgam = combination, blend (मिश्रण) , Reminiscences = recollections, memories (स्मृतियाँ),

Trampled = stomped, crushed (कुचल दिया), Cognac = brandy, liquor (शराब), Lithuanian = native, Baltic resident (लिथुआनियाई), Starved = famished, malnourished (भूख से मरा हुआ)  

Word Meaning Vocabulary of Class 12 Chapter A Wedding in Brownsville Page No.- 29

Synagogue = Church, Temple (मंदिर), Mound = Heap, Pile (ढेर), Delicatessen = Deli, Store (दुकान) , Lechayim = Cheers, Toast (जीवन के लिए), Tractate = Section, Part (भाग), Talmud = Scripture, Text (ग्रंथ),

Efficiency = Skill, Aptness (कुशलता), Gleichgeschaltet = Synced, Aligned (समन्वित), Reb = Rabbi, Teacher (गुरु), Auschwitz = Camp, Prison (जेल), Exterminated = Killed, Erased (मार दिया),

Rabbi = Priest, Cleric (पुजारी), Cantor = Singer, Chorister (गायक), Scowled = Glared, Frowned (भौंह चिढ़ाना)  

English Kaleidoscope A Wedding in Brownsville Word Meaning with Hindi Page No.- 30

Blared = Sounded loudly, Roared (बजाया), Stamped = Stomped, Trod (ठोकर मारा), Romped = Played, Frolicked (खेलना), Guests = Visitors, Attendees (अतिथि), Tumult = Chaos, Ruckus (कोलाहल),

Perished = Died, Expired (मर गया), Diamonds = Jewels, Gems (हीरे), Paraded = Showcased, Displayed (प्रदर्शन किया), Blotches = Spots, Marks (धब्बे),

Husky = Raspy, Rough (भारी आवाज), Swindler = Cheat, Deceiver (धोखेबाज), Grave = Tomb, Burial place (कब्र), Abide = Follow, Obey (पालन करना)

kaleidoscope Class 12 Chapter A Wedding in Brownsville Word Meaning Page No.- 31

Talmud = Scripture, Text (ग्रंथ), Intoxicated = Drunk, Inebriated (नशे में), Carousel = Merry-go-round, Ride (घूमने वाली मशीन), Permutations = Arrangements, Orders (क्रम), Philosophy = Belief, Doctrine (दार्शनिक विचार),

Braids = Plaits, Twists (चोटी), Wreath = Garland, Circle (माला), Dimples = Indents, Depressions (गाल पर छाँव), Blush = Redden, Color (लाल हो जाना),

Trembled = Shivered, Shook (काँपना), Watchmaker = Clockmaker, Timepiece maker (घड़ी निर्माता), Shivered = Quaked, Trembled (कांपना)

Word Meaning of English Chapter 3 A Wedding in Brownsville Page No.- 32

Possible = Likely, Feasible (संभावित), Deceived = Tricked, Misled (धोखा दिया), Pride = Dignity, Honor (सम्मान), Quieter = Silent, Hushed (शांत) , Thrill = Excite, Arouse (रोमांचक), Agitation = Disturbance, Turmoil (आंदोलन),

Chapel = Church, Temple (मंदिर), Canopy = Cover, Shade (छाया), Goblet = Glass, Cup (प्याला), Pews = Benches, Seats (बेंच), Glimmering = Shiny, Flickering (झिलमिलाता), Shadows = Silhouettes, Darks (छाया), Threshold = Doorway, Entry (दहलीज)

Difficult Word Meaning of Lesson A Wedding in Brownsville Page No.- 33

Stood = Positioned, Remained (खड़ा होना), Attached = Connected, Bound (जुड़ा हुआ), Trembling = Shaking, Quivering (कांपता हुआ), Excitement = Thrill, Enthusiasm (उत्साह), Ashamed = Embarrassed, Guilty (शरमाया हुआ),

Suppressed = Restrained, Stifled (दबाया हुआ), Ceremony = Ritual, Function (समारोह), Single = Unmarried, Alone (अविवाहित),

Import = Significance, Meaning (महत्व), Penny = Coin, Currency (पैसा), Robbed = Stolen, Looted (चोरी किया), Disturbed = Agitated, Unsettled (चिंतित)  

A Wedding in Brownsville Page No.- 34

Along = Forward, Alongside (साथ में), Homely = Simple, Unadorned (घरेलू), Wrist = Joint, Hand (कलाई), Mocking = Teasing, Ridiculing (उपहास करते हुए),

Bewildered = Confused, Puzzled (भ्रांत), Discrepancy = Difference, Inconsistency (अंतर), Wallet = Billfold, Purse (बटुआ),

Drunk = Intoxicated, Inebriated (शराबी), Trance = Daze, Stupor (समाधि), Eerie = Creepy, Spooky (भयानक), Victim = Sufferer, Casualty (पीड़ित), Pulse = Beat, Throb (नाड़ी), Dimension = Aspect, Facet (आयाम), Tension = Strain, Pressure (तनाव),

Aches = Pains, Soreness (दर्द), Collision = Crash, Impact (टक्कर), Suspicion = Doubt, Mistrust (संदेह), Examine = Inspect, Check (जांचना), Muscular = Brawny, Sinewy (मांसपेशियों से संबंधित)  

A Wedding in Brownsville English Difficult Words Page No.- 35

Blurted = Exclaimed, Spurted (अचानक कह दिया), Shot = Fired, Hit (गोली मारी), Frightened = Scared, Terrified (डरा हुआ), Perplexed = Baffled, Confounded (भ्रांत), Ponder = Think, Contemplate (विचार करना),

Illusions = Delusions, Misconceptions (भ्रांतियां), Superstition = Belief, Myth (अंधविश्वास) , Oblivion = Forgetfulness, Unconsciousness (विस्मृति), Stupor = Daze, Trance (मूर्छा), Hallucination = Delusion, Mirage (मोहभंग),

Poisoning = Contamination, Toxification (ज़हरीला करना), Leaned = Tilted, Slanted (झुकाया) , Whispered = Murmured, Hissed (फुसफुसाया), Ceremonious = Formal, Ritualistic (आधिकारिक) ,

Hush = Silence, Quiet (चुप्प) , Intoned = Chanted, Recited (उच्चारित किया), Benedictions = Blessings, Invocations (आशीर्वाद), Measured = Calculated, Deliberate (नापा हुआ), Aisle = Passage, Corridor (गलियारा)