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By | October 26, 2023
Hard Words Eveline Difficult Words in English edumantra.net

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from Eveline. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying Eveline Word Meanings from Kaleidoscope Class 12.”

Hard Words : Eveline Page No.- 12

Invade = spread into, enter (घुसना), Avenue = street, roadway (सड़क), Curtains = drapes, blinds (पर्दे), Cretonne = fabric, cloth (कपड़ा), Cinder = ash, coal residue (राख), Belfast = city, place (बेलफास्ट),

Brick = block, building material (ईंट), Roof = top, ceiling (छत), Cripple = disabled, handicapped (विकलांग), Blackthorn = shrub, stick (कांटेदार पेड़)

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Eveline Difficult Words in English Page No.- 13

Nix = informant, lookout (सूचना देनेवाला), Objects = items, things (वस्त्रा), Dust = dirt, particles (धूल), Reviewing = scanning, checking (देखना), Familiar = known, common (परिचित), Dusted = cleaned, wiped (धूल साफ करना),

Divided = split, separated (अलग), Yellowing = aging, tarnishing (पीला हो रहा है), Harmonium = instrument, organ (हारमोनियम)  

Eveline Difficult Words in English with Hindi Meaning Page No.- 14

Blessed = holy, sanctified (धन्य), Melbourne = city in Australia (मेलबोर्न), Consented = agreed, permitted (सहमत हुआ), Shelter = refuge, protection (आश्रय), Stores = shops, markets (दुकानें), Fool = naive person, dupe (मूर्ख), Advertisement = notice, announcement (विज्ञापन),

Edge = advantage, upper hand (फायदा), Lively = active, energetic (जीवंत), Respect = regard, honor (सम्मान), Violence = force, aggression (हिंसा), Palpitations = fast heartbeats, flutters (धड़कन),

Threaten = intimidate, warn (धमकी देना), Protect = safeguard, shield (सुरक्षित करना), Decorating = adorning, embellishing (सजावट),

Squabble = argument, dispute (झगड़ा), Wages = earnings, pay (मजदूरी), Squander = waste, misuse (बर्बाद करना), Fairly = quite, somewhat (काफी), Bad = intoxicated, inebriated (नशे में धुत)  

Good Word Meaning of Eveline Class 12 Page No.- 15

Intention = plan, purpose (इरादा), Rush = hurry, speed (जल्दी करना), Marketing = shopping, purchasing (खरीददारी), Elbowed = pushed, nudged (कोहनी मारकर बढ़ना), Provisions = supplies, groceries (सामग्री),

Charge = responsibility, duty (जिम्मेदारी), Undesirable = unwanted, displeasing (अवांछनीय), Explore = discover, investigate (अन्वेषण करना), Open-hearted = sincere, genuine (ईमानदार), Buenos Aires = city in Argentina (ब्यूनोस आयर्स), Lodging = staying, residing (रहने वाला),

Peaked cap = pointed hat, headgear (नोकदार टोपी), Bronze = tan, brownish (कांस्य), Elated = delighted, happy (उत्साहित),

Theatre = playhouse, auditorium (रंगमंच), Courting = dating, wooing (प्रेम प्रस्तुत करना), Poppens = pet name, term of endearment (प्रिय नाम), Fellow = guy, beau (लड़का) 

Eveline Class 12 Chapter 2 English Difficult Words Page No.- 16

Straits of Magellan = waterway, channel (मैगलैन की जलसंधि), Patagonians = natives, locals (पटागोनियन लोग), Affair = relationship, liaison (संबंध) , Sailor chaps = seamen, mariners (समुद्री लोग),

Quarrelled = argued, fought (झगड़ा) , Indistinct = unclear, fuzzy (अस्पष्ट), Hill of Howth = location, landmark (हौथ की पहाड़ी) , Bonnet = hat, cap (टोपी), Odour = smell, scent (गंध), Street organ = instrument, music box (हार्मोनियम),

Melancholy = sad, gloomy (उदास), Pitiful = sad, mournful (दयनीय), Trembled = shivered, shook (कांपना), Insistence = demand, assertion (दृढ़ता)  

Class 12 English Chapter 2 Eveline Word Meaning in English Page No.- 17

Impulse = urge, instinct (प्रेरणा), Terror = fear, dread (आतंक), Escape = flee, run away (भाग जाना), Swaying = moving, rocking (हिलना) , Baggages = luggage, suitcases (सामान), Portholes = windows, openings (जहाज की खिड़की),

Mournful = sad, sorrowful (शोकमय), Mist = fog, haze (कोहरा), Nausea = sickness, queasiness (उलझन), Fervent = passionate, intense (उत्सुक), Clanged = rang, resonated (गूंजना), Seize = grab, clutch (पकड़ना),

Drown = submerge, sink (डूबना), Railing = barrier, fence (रेलिंग), Frenzy = madness, hysteria (पागलपन), Anguish = pain, agony (पीड़ा), Barrier = obstacle, blockade (बाधा)  

English To English Word Meaning of English Chapter 2 Eveline Page No.- 18

Set = position, place (रखना),  Passive = inactive, unresponsive (निष्क्रिय), Helpless = powerless, defenseless (असहाय), Farewell = goodbye, parting (विदाई), Recognition = acknowledgement, identification (पहचान)