Mrs Packletide’s Tiger Characters | Class 10 | Chapter 2

By | April 4, 2023

Character Sketch of the Chapter Mrs Packletide’s Tiger from the Story Mrs. Packletide’s tiger

The Character of Mrs Packletide

Vain- Her nature is absolutely vain because she thinks about herself only and wants to outshine even the most talented ones. 
Senseless- She tries to gain fame for the task for which she was not at all skilled. 
Jealous- she is highly jealous of the growing popularity of the others. 
Ambitious- Her ambition is to gain fame at any cost. 
Self-centred- She is definitely self-centred as she wanted to outshine Loona at any cost without thinking that she really did something courageous. 
Mrs. Packletide is a wealthy woman who is obsessed with social status and reputation. She is so determined to gain social status that she is willing to go to any lengths to achieve it, even if it means harming others. She is shown to be vain and frivolous, caring only about her reputation Her jealousy of Loona Bimberton’s reputation as an adventurer motivates her to shoot a tiger and gain more social prestige.
Mrs. Packletide is also portrayed as ambitious and self-centred. She is willing to spend a large sum of money to achieve her goals, and she doesn’t care who gets hurt in the process. She is not concerned about the welfare of the tiger she plans to shoot, and she hires someone else to do the shooting for her in order to avoid any danger to herself.
Overall, Mrs. Packletide’s character is meant to satirize the British upper class and their obsession with status symbols. Saki uses her character to critique the values and behaviour of the wealthy elite of his time.
We can say that Mrs. Packletide’s character is vain because she is preoccupied with her own appearance and the opinions of others about her. 
She is also shown to be very concerned about her appearance when she is photographed next to the tiger, as she wants to look her best in the picture.
Mrs. Packletide’s vanity is also evident in the way she plans to outdo her rival, Loona Bimberton, by shooting a tiger. She wants to be known as a successful hunter and adventurer, and she believes that this will enhance her social status. This desire for social recognition is a reflection of her vanity.
Overall, Mrs. Packletide’s obsession with her appearance and social status shows that she is a vain character.

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The Character of Loona Bimberton from the Story Mrs. Packletide’s tiger

Adventurous- Loona Bimberton is adventurous. It is clear by the fact that she procured a tiger skin when it was considered to be a tough task.
High Sense of Self-Respect- She is disturbed by the invitation to the party given by Mrs. Packletide. 
Confidence- Her confidence is seen in procuring a tiger skin.  
Popular- She became popular when she was taken by an Algerian aviator
Loona Bimberton is a modern lady who is known for her adventurous lifestyle. She is admired by many people, including Mrs. Packletide, who is jealous of her reputation. Loona’s character is portrayed as confident having a high sense of self-respect, which makes her popular among her social circle.
Loona’s adventurous spirit is evident in her travels to far-off places, and she is known for her daring feats. Her reputation as an adventurer is what motivates Mrs. Packletide to shoot a tiger to outshine her.
Despite her adventurous spirit, Loona is shown to be a bit of a show-off. She often boasts about her exploits and likes to draw attention to herself. However, she is still admired by many people for her charisma and charm.
Overall, Loona’s character is meant to represent the attraction of adventure, which was a popular trend among the British upper class during Saki’s time.

Character Sketch of Miss Mebbin from the Story Mrs. Packletide’s tiger

Crafty- Miss Mebbin is a crafty lady because she has something else going on in her brain while she speaks something crafted. 
Cunning- she can be said to be cussing because she is very sharp at planning the script which can benefit her only even after harming others. 
Manipulative- She is very Manipulative because adopts sister-like attitude but she herself was trying to seek an undue advantage of the weakness of Mrs. Packletide.
Clever- She is clever because she solves her purpose of threatening a wealthy lady of the high class. 
Opportunistic- No doubt she is opportunistic as she took full advantage of the opportunity of the tiger’s death because of a heart attack. 
Miss Mebbin is a local woman who agrees to help Mrs. Packletide with her plan to shoot the tiger. She is portrayed as a sly and cunning character who is able to manipulate situations to her advantage.
Miss Mebbin is clever and opportunistic, and she sees Mrs. Packletide’s plan as a way to make some money. She agrees to help Mrs. Packletide with her plan, but she makes sure that she benefits from the situation as well.
Miss Mebbin is also shown to be a bit of a gossip-loving lady. She enjoys spreading rumours and sharing information that others might find interesting. She can use her knowledge of the local area and people to help Mrs. Packletide with her plan.
Overall, Miss Mebbin’s character is meant to represent the lower-class people who can take advantage of the wealthy and the powerful. She is a clever and opportunistic character who uses her wits to her advantage.

Character sketch of the tiger from the Story- Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger.

The tiger is simply living its life in the jungle when it becomes the target of Mrs. Packletide’s ambition.
Despite the tiger’s threatening appearance, it is also shown to be a victim of human greed and ambition. The tiger is killed solely for the purpose of enhancing Mrs. Packletide’s social status, and its death is portrayed as a senseless act of violence.
The story highlights the dangers of human greed and ambition, and the tragic consequences that can result from our actions.
In the story, it is mentioned that the tiger was old, which made it less harmful. 
The tiger in the story has weakened its ability to hunt and defend itself. As a result, it is portrayed as an unthreatening and defenceless presence in the jungle.
Despite its weakened state, the tiger is still a majestic and powerful animal, and its death at the hands of Mrs. Packletide is portrayed as a tragic and senseless act of violence.
The story highlights the dangers of exploiting and mistreating animals for our own selfish purposes.