Mrs Packletide Tiger Short Question Answer | 30 to 40 Words

By | April 4, 2023
Mrs Packletide Tiger Short Question Answer

1. Why did Mrs Packletide wish to kill a tiger?
Ans. – Mrs Packletide wished to do so because she wanted to be publicly popular She also wanted to outshine her rival Loona Bimberton who had received a lot of media attention for her achievement of having travelled in an airplane for eleven miles.

2. Who was Nimrod? Why is he mentioned in the lesson?
Ans. –Nimrod was a great hunter mentioned in the Bible. Here he is mentioned in a humorous tone to highlight the contrast in Mrs Packletide’s reasons for hunting a tiger. 
She wanted to hunt not because she was passionate about hunting but because she wanted to do something better than Loona Bimberton, her social rival.

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3. What was Mrs Packletide’s real reason for hosting a party in Loona Bimberton’s honour?
Ans. -Once Mrs. Packletide managed to kill a tiger. She wanted to give the party to show off her success to Loona Bimberton and enjoy watching her burn with jealousy.

4. What did Mrs. Packletide intend to give Loona on her birthday? Why?
Ans. -Mrs. Packletide planned to give her a brooch made out of the tiger claw. She wanted to make her feel small and rub in the fact that she had outdone her by killing the tiger.

5. How was the tiger shooting arranged?
Ans. -Mrs. Packletide learnt of a village which had an old and harmless tiger in the neighbourhood and she promised to pay the Villagers a thousand rupees if they helped her to hunt It down.

6. What kind of tiger was chosen for the hunt? Why?
Ans. -An old and harmless tiger on the verge of death was chosen because it presented very little risk to Mrs. Packletide while hunting. The motive of Mrs. Packletide was not to face the actual danger of hunting. But it was outshining Loona Bimberton

7. How did the villagers help Mrs. Packletide with the hunt?
Ans. – The villagers helped in the following 3 ways- 

  1. First of all the villagers left their pet animals around so that the tiger did not stray from the village in search of food. 
  2. Secondly, they took care not to disturb the tiger when It was resting. Thirdly, they helped set up a hunting platform for Mrs. Packletide. 
  3. Finally, they tied up a goat with a loud bleat to attract the tiger.

8. Who was Miss Mebbin? Do you think she was devoted to Mrs. Packletide? Give reasons for your answer.
Ans. –Miss Mebbin was Mrs. Packletide’s paid companion.  No, she was not sincere towards Mrs. Packletide because she threatened to disclose the true facts of the hunt if she were not paid the money that would enable her to buy a cottage for herself.

9. What comment did Miss Mebbin make after Mrs. Packletide had fired the shot?
Ans. -Miss Mebbin commented that the shot had killed the goat while the tiger had died of a heart attack.

10. How did Mrs. Packletide react to Miss Mebbin’s comment just after the shoot?
Ans. -Mrs. Packletide got annoyed at Miss Mebbin’s comment for pointing out the true happening, but she was not too concerned because she never imagined that she would use this piece of information against her.

11. How did Miss Mebbin manage to get her cottage?
Ans. –Miss Mebbin threatened to reveal the facts about the hunt to Loona Bimberton unless Mrs. Packletide paid her the required amount to buy herself a cottage. Mrs. Packletide had no choice but to give in to her threat. Therefore, she was able to buy her weekend cottage.

12. Why did Miss Mebbin plant so many tiger lilies in her garden?
Ans.- The flowers were planted to honour the tiger which had indirectly been responsible for her being able to afford a cottage of her own.

13. What put Mrs. Packletide off from going on further hunts?
Ans. –Mrs. Packletide was shocked at how she was threatened by Miss Mebbi into paying her a large sum of money. She finally decided that such adventures wet too expensive to indulge in.

14. “It was Mrs. Packletide’s pleasure and intention that she should shoot a tiger.” Why was Mrs. Packletide intent on shooting a tiger?
Ans. Mrs. Packletide did not have any desire or craze for shooting a tiger. She only wanted to outshine Loona  Bimberton. She disliked Loona Bimberton who had captured the limelight by flying eleven miles in an aeroplane by an Algerian elevator. Her motive was to somehow shift the limelight from Loona to herself. 

15. Who was Loona Bimberton? what daring feat had she achieved that led to Mrs. Packletide disliking her?
Ans. Loona Bimberton was Mrs. Packletide’s rival. She had performed a daring feat by flying eleven miles in an aeroplane by an Algerian elevator. Mrs. Packletide became so jealous of her since then that she started planning to outdo her in one or the other way.

16. What plans does Mrs. Packletide make before shooting the tiger?
Ans. Mrs. Packletide had planned that she would arrange a party in honour of Loona Bimberton at her house in Curzon Street after shooting the tiger. She had also planned to send a tiger-claw brooch as a gift to her on her next birthday.

17. Why did the mothers hush the singing of their little babies?
Ans. The mothers hushed the singing of their little babies thinking that the tiger might not be disturbed in his sleep, while they were passing through the jungles to their homes in the evening.

18. Why were the cheap goats let loose in the jungle?
Ans. The cheap goats were let loose in that local part of the jungle in good numbers so that the wild beast remained satisfied and didn’t roam into fresh jungles to hunt animals.

19. What preparations were made for the shooting?
Ans. For shooting great arrangements were made by the natives of the village. 
A safe platform was constructed on a high tree where Mrs. Packletide and her paid companion sat. 
A goat that bleated continuously day and night was fastened at a correct distance.
They also had a small-sized (thumb-nailed) pack of’ cards to pass the time and an accurately sighted rifle.

20. Who accompanied Mrs. Packletide for the shooting? Was she helpful?
Ans. Louisa Mebbin, a ‘paid companion’ accompanied her. She was of no use to Mrs. Packletide. On the other hand, she distracted her mistress with her weird and manipulative remarks. She was a miser kind of a woman. Firstly, she talked about money being wasted on shooting an old tiger and then about her protective elder sister’s attitude toward money.

21. What happened after Mrs. Packletide had fired the shot?
Ans. As soon as Mrs. Packletide shot, the rifle banged with a loud noise. The tiger that had been approaching towards the goat could be springing to one side, and then rolling over to death. 
In no time the excited natives of the village crowded around the scene and a few gladly ran through the village to spread the news that Memsahib had killed the tiger.

22. “Mrs. Packletide was reasonably annoyed at the discovery.” What led her to be annoyed?
Ans. Miss. Louisa Mebbin’s observation that Mrs. Packletide’s rifle did not kill the tiger, but the tiger was killed of heart failure caused due to the banging noise of the rifle. This annoyed Mrs. Packletide as the mortal wound was visible on the goat’s body but no wound was visible on the tiger’s body.

23. Though Mrs. Packletide knew that she did not shoot the tiger, she was still sure that no one would reveal the secret. Why?
Ans. Mrs. Packletide was Sure of the fact that no one would reveal the secret of the shooting of the tiger because the villagers would keep their mouths shut for thousand rupees and that Miss. Mebbin was also paid in advance.

24. What was Loona Bimberton’s reaction to Mrs. Packletide’s instant fame?
Ans. Loona Bimberton instantly became so spiteful that she refused to see any illustrated paper for many weeks as she did not want to read anything about Mrs. Packletide. Repressing her emotions to some extent she sends a letter of thanks to Mrs. Packletide for sending her a tiger-claw brooch on her birthday. She declined to attend the party hosted in her favour