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By | October 17, 2023
Hard Words Two Gentlemen of Verona Difficult Words in English with Hindi Meaning edumantra.net

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from Two Gentlemen of Verona. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying Two Gentlemen of Verona Word Meanings from Communicative Class 10.”

Hard Words : Two Gentlemen of Verona Page No. 3

Foothills = low hills, small hills (पहाड़ियों का तलहट्टी), Alps = mountain range, highlands (एल्प्स पर्वतमाला), Outskirts = border area, perimeter (शहर के किनारे)

Two Gentlemen of Verona Difficult Words in English Page No. 4

Cautious = careful, watchful (सतर्क), Shrugged = lifted, raised (कंधे उचकाना), Disapproval = dissatisfaction, objection (अस्वीकृति), Shabby = worn, tattered (घिसापीटा), Jersey = pullover, sweater (जर्सी), Skinny = thin, slender (दुबला), Tangled = knotted, twisted (उलझा हुआ),

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Earnest = serious, sincere (गंभीर), Brisk = quick, lively (तेज़), Slackened = reduced, lessened (धीमा करना), Demeanour = behavior, conduct (आचरण), Artless = naive, simple (मासूम), Squirrel = small rodent, nimble animal (गिलहरी), Steady = stable, unshaking (स्थिर),

Engaging = charming, attractive (आकर्षक), Relied = depended, trusted (भरोसा करना), Willingness = readiness, eagerness (इच्छा), Hawked = peddled, sold (फेरी लगाई), Conducted = led, guided (नेतृत्व किया), Errands = short trips, tasks (कामचौरी)

Good Word Meaning of Lesson Two Gentlemen of Verona Page No. 5

Deserted = empty, vacant (सुनसान), Pavement = sidewalk, footpath (फुटपाथ), Upright = erect, straight (सीधा), Bundle = package, bunch (गट्ठर), Unsold = leftover, remaining (बेचा नहीं गया), Midnight = 12 am, night center (आधी रात), Complaining = grumbling, moaning (शिकायत करना),

Shined = polished, brightened (चमकाया), Emigrate = migrate, move out (विदेश प्रवास), Sunburn = tan, burn (सूर्यदग्ध), Sideways = laterally, askew (तरफ), Uncomfortably = uneasily, awkwardly (असहजता से), Glaring = staring, gazing (तिकठी निगाह), Vexation = irritation, annoyance (चिढ़),

Pausing = halting, stopping (ठहराव), Hillside = slope, incline (पहाड़ी की ढलान), Dwellings = homes, residences (आवास), Scarcely = barely, hardly (मुश्किल से), Leaped = jumped, sprung (उछला)

Class 10 Chapter 1 Two Gentlemen of Verona English Difficult Words Page No. 6

Disappeared = vanished, gone (गायब), Grilled = barred, gated (जालीदार), Determinedly = resolutely, decisively (ठान ली), Spectacles = glasses, eyeglasses (चश्मा), Vestibule = entryway, foyer (प्रवेशद्वार),

Cubicle = chamber, cell (कक्ष), Partition = divider, separation (पृथक्करण), Tender = gentle, soft (कोमल), Vase = jar, vessel (फूलदान), Intrude = interfere, invade (हस्तक्षेप करना),

Widower = man whose wife has died, bereaved man (विधुर), Destroyed = ruined, devastated (नष्ट कर दिया), Starvation = hunger, famine (भूखमरी), Exposure = contact, openness (संपर्क)

English Chapter 1 Two Gentlemen of Verona Word Meaning in English Page No. 7

Shelter = refuge, protection (आश्रय), Rubble = debris, ruins (मलबा), Suffering = pain, agony (पीड़ा), Tuberculosis = TB, lung disease (टीबी), Progress = advancement, betterment (प्रगति),

Hope = aspiration, optimism (आशा), Scarcity = shortage, lack (कमी), Dear = costly, pricey (महंगा), Scarce = rare, infrequent (दुर्लभ), Devotion = commitment, dedication (समर्पण),

Secret = mystery, confidentiality (रहस्य), Spirit = morale, enthusiasm (उत्साह), Selfless = altruistic, unselfish (निस्वार्थ), Nobility = dignity, honor (उच्चता)