Hard Words : The Letter Difficult Words in English with Hindi Meaning | Communicative | Class 10 | 2023-24 Updated

By | October 18, 2023

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from The Letter. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying The Letter Word Meanings from Communicative Class 10.”

Hard Words : The Letter Page No.- 23

Glowed=shone lightly, radiated (चमकना), Tattered=worn, ripped (फटा हुआ), Shield=protect, defend (रक्षा करना), Profound=deep, intense (गहरा), Plodded=walked heavily, trudged (भारी पैरों से चलना),

Crevices=small cracks, fissures (दरार), Beholding=observing, seeing (देखना), Pilgrim=traveler, wanderer (तीर्थयात्री), Squatted=crouched, hunkered (उकड़ी बैठना), Dawn=early morning, daybreak (भोर),

Memories=recollections, remembrances (स्मृतियाँ), Inhabitants=residents, dwellers (निवासी), Profound=deep, intense (गहरा), Intense=extreme, strong (तीव्र), Pace=speed, rate (गति), Supporting=holding up, sustaining (सहारा देना), Gleamed=shone, glimmered (चमकना), Newest=most recent, latest (नवीनतम)

The Letter Difficult Words in English Page No.- 24

Routine=regular, habitual (नियमित), Composed=calm, tranquil (शांत), Faith=belief, trust (विश्वास), Clerk=office worker, secretary (लिपिक), Jesting=joking, teasing (मजाकिया), Gratitude=thankfulness, appreciation (कृतज्ञता),

Procedure=process, method (प्रक्रिया), Cunningly=slyly, cleverly (चतुराई से), Hare=rabbit, bunny (खरगोश), Crouching=squatting, bending low (झुकना), Cheerless=joyless, gloomy (नीरस),

Bereft=deprived, lacking (वंचित), Instinct=natural impulse, intuition (स्वाभाविक प्रवृत्ति), Admiration=appreciation, esteem (प्रशंसा), Reflected=thought about, pondered (विचार किया)

Good Word Meaning of Class 10 Chapter 3 The Letter Page No.- 25

Conclusion=final thought, decision (निष्कर्ष), Inescapable=unavoidable, certain (अपरिहार्य), Devout=pious, religious (धर्मिक), Serenity=calmness, peace (शांति), Pilgrimage=sacred journey, holy trip (तीर्थ यात्रा),

Boundless=unlimited, infinite (असीम), Peons=attendants, messengers (चपरासी), Turbans=headwear, headgear (पगड़ी), Inexpressive=unemotional, blank (भावहीन), Glimmer=faint light, shimmer (किरन),

Animation=liveliness, spirit (जीवन्तता), Briskly=quickly, energetically (तेजी से), Precious=valuable, dear (अनमोल), Relic=artifact, remains (अवशेष), Pitiable=pathetic, sorrowful (दयनीय), Precincts=boundaries, limits (परिसीमा), Statement=declaration, assertion (कथन)

The Letter Lesson Class 10 English Difficult Words Page No.- 26

Veranda=porch, terrace (बरामदा), Composed=calm, collected (संतुलित), Bitter=intense, harsh (कड़वा), Boundless=unlimited, infinite (असीम), Scandals=disgraces, controversies (घोटाले),

Inexpressive=unemotional, blank (अभिव्यक्तिहीन), Animation=liveliness, vitality (जीवन्तता), Saluting=greeting, honoring (सलामी देना), Pitiable=pathetic, lamentable (दयनीय,

Precincts=areas, zones (परिसर), Pour=dispense, shed (डालना), Heaps=piles, stacks (ढेर), Declaiming=reciting, proclaiming (पाठ करना), Lunacy=madness, insanity (पागलपन), Periodic=occasional, regular (आवधिक), Indifferent=unconcerned, apathetic (उदासीन), Sympathy=compassion, empathy (सहानुभूति),

Impatience=restlessness, eagerness (अधीरता), Registered=recorded, noted (पंजीकृत), Hastily=quickly, hurriedly (जल्दी से), Exhausted=drained, depleted (थका हुआ), Faith=belief, trust (विश्वास)

Chapter 3 The Letter Word Meaning in English Page No.- 27

Decent=respectable, honorable (उचित), Startled=surprised, shocked (चौंका हुआ), Utterly=completely, totally (पूरी तरह, Bewildered=confused, perplexed (व्याकुल), Grave=tomb, burial place (कब्र),

Inquire=ask, investigate (पूछताछ करना), Trouble=distress, problem (मुसीबत), Anxiously=eagerly, nervously (चिंतित होकर),

Piled=stacked, heaped (ढेर लगा हुआ), Envelope=cover, packet (लिफ़ाफ़ा), Eagerly=keenly, excitedly (उत्सुकता से), Haughty=arrogant, proud (अहंकारी),

Sorrow=sadness, grief (दुःख), Anxiety=worry, concern (चिंता), Laid bare=revealed, exposed (नंगा करना), Coachman=driver, charioteer (गाड़ीवाला)

Class 10 Lesson The Letter English To English Word Meaning Page No.- 28

Mused=pondered, contemplated (मनन किया), Understood=comprehended, realized (समझा), Suspense=uncertainty, anticipation (संशय),

Brimming=overflowing, full (लबालब, Sympathy=compassion, empathy (सहानुभूति), Stroke=hit, strike (प्रहार, Meek=submissive, gentle (विनम्र),

Leaning=tilting, slanting (झुका हुआ), Kindliness=gentleness, benevolence (दयालुता), Unearthly=supernatural, otherworldly (अलौकिक),

Astonishment=amazement, surprise (आश्चर्य), Disappeared=vanished, gone (गायब), Bewildered=confused, puzzled (व्याकुल), Recital=narration, description (वर्णन,

Perplexed=baffled, mystified (उलझा हुआ), Deceived=betrayed, misled (धोखा दिया, Routine=schedule, regimen (नियम),

Deftly=skillfully, nimbly (निपुणता से), Essential=fundamental, crucial (आवश्यक), Worth=value, importance (मूल्य), Grave=tomb, burial place (कब्र)

Word Meaning English of Class 10 Lesson The Letter Page No.- 29

Shortly= Soon, briefly (थोड़ी देर में), Newly-wakened= Freshly, recently (हाल ही में), Reproaching= Scolding, chiding (फटकारना), Failed= Lost, unsuccessful (विफल), Understand= Comprehend, grasp (समझना),

Anxiety= Worry, stress (चिंता), Restless= Uneasy, agitated (अशांत), Tortured= Tormented, pained (यातना दिया), Doubt= Uncertainty, skepticism (संदेह),

Remorse= Regret, guilt (पछतावा), Glow= Shine, radiance (चमक), Charcoal= Coal, briquette (कोयला), Sigri= Stove, brazier (सिगड़ी)