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Discursive passages are often used to explore complex ideas or issues. In a discursive passage, the writer will present their argument clearly and try to persuade the reader to see their point of view.

Discursive Passage Explained: Meaning | Examples |  Practice for Students | Set – 1

This page provides clarity on ‘what is a discursive passage‘. Let’s dive deeper to , showcases 5 examples to guide students and teachers alike. Our resources are crafted to enhance understanding of discursive passages in academic contexts.  Discursive Passage Meaning A discursive passage is a form of writing or speech that takes us into a topic in a… Read More »

Discursive Passages: Class 9 Samples with Answers | Set – 2

Here are discursive unseen passages specifically designed for Class 9 students. This page presents the discursive texts, providing a variety of examples, detailed analyses, and answers to enhance students’ reading and analytical skills. From unseen passages to structured questions, Set – 2 is tailored to empower students with the tools needed for academic success in English comprehension. Unseen… Read More »

Case Based Passage Class 9 English | Unseen Comprehension Passage Reading 

What is case based factual passage class 9? Dive into our collection of unseen passage English comprehension readings, specifically curated for Class 9. These case based passage class 9 English provide profound insights into a myriad of topics, enhancing the depth of understanding and reading proficiency for students. Class 9 English: Unseen Comprehension Passage Reading Unseen Passage English:… Read More »

Unseen Passage English : Discursive Passage with MCQ for class 9 Comprehension Passage Reading – 2023- 24

CBSE Board has recently introduced discursive passages for classes 9 and 10, offering a unique blend of unseen passage English reading. These passages contain contentious arguments and diverse points of view, enabling the students explore the issue from multiple perspectives and hone their comprehension passage reading abilities. Dive into discursive passage with MCQ for class 9.  Following are… Read More »

Unseen Passage English: 5 case study-based comprehension passage Reading for Class 10

Here you will find our collection of case study-based comprehension passage English exercises, a new addition to the CBSE curriculum designed to improve your comprehension passage reading skills. Unseen Passage English 1: Comprehension Passage Reading and Questions 1. The UN’s 2017 International Year tells that sustainable tourism is an important tool for development, most importantly in poor communities… Read More »