103.Short Essay and Article on : Corruption in Public Places and Institutions in India

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Write an article on ‘Corruption in Public Places and Institutions in India’.

Ans.                                 Corruption in Public Places and Institutions in India

India got independence from foreign exploitation and colonial masters in 1947. Little did people think that the burden of the dark-skinned masters would be more cumbersome and shattering than that the white rulers. Within decades, corruption and nepotism started polluting the minds and morals of our leaders, politicians, bureaucrats and institutions. The Bofors scandal brought the downfall of Rajiv Gandhi’s government. The charges were that the government charged commissions in the Bofors weapon-deal. No political party has remained above board in the eyes of the people. Even the President of the BJP. Sh. BangaruLaxman had to resign after being caught taking bribes on the camera in a sting operation. The UPA II Government was rocked by a series of scams and scandals. It started with the commonwealth games in Delhi. Crores of unaccounted money went into the pockets of the organisers and officials. Not only was the public money misappropriated but India’s image had a serious dent in the outside world. The arrests of Raja and Kalmadi exposed the ugly face of our politicians and the deep decay of our institutions. Unfortunately, no one, right from the Prime Minister to an ordinary clerk, seems above board and free from suspicion. The opposition and other political parties were not far behind. The Yeddyurappa government was ousted as it disgraced and drowned itself in the mire of corruption.

Series of scams and scandals gave birth to many public protests and outbursts in the form of Anna Hazare’s movement for the Jan Lokpal. The common masses are the worst sufferers. They have to bribe the corrupt officials in the offices, politicians in power and policemen in uniforms. Things must change or the anger of common masses knows or cares neither time nor direction.

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