120.Short Essay and Article on: ‘Sex Education’

By | October 1, 2022
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India’s adolescent education programme (AEP), being implemented in 8,632 CBSE schools, has run into trouble at a time when cases of child abuse and HIV/AIDS are rising steadily. Write an article on ‘Sex Education’.

Ans.                                                 SEX EDUCATION

In a society in which allusions are the preferred modes of communicating sexual desires even for the adults, the notion that adolescents are also sexual beings predictably makes us embarrassed. Whether it is as parents or as teachers, an aunt or uncle, many of us would rather push this possibility underground. No wonder the AEP programme has run into the hot water. We are not ready to get a safe sex message. AEP manual is being put to fire. Over 50% of our children are sexually abused.

Indian culture cannot cope with the situation as it propagates silence. Sex education can overturn this ritual silence, supply our young people with the tools to report and resist abusive behaviour. It can provide them with a forum for negotiating their fears and feelings honestly and openly. Sex education can save us from the AIDS epidemic. Properly informed persons behave correctly and judiciously. The knowledge of condoms and contraception is effective, it has been proved. Sex education propagated intelligently can drive away many evils from society. It can enable our youngsters to make a distinction between right and wrong.

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