91.Short Essay and Article on Importance of Educational Tours in Students’ Life

 You are Bhavya/Babli. You are excited to know that your school has planned to take the students on an educational tour. Taking clues from the picture given below write an article for the school magazine on the topic, “Importance of Educational Tours in Students’ life” (100-120 words).

Ans.                                            Importance of Educational Tours in Students’ Life

We learn more visually rather than orally (through books). Students get practical knowledge when they learn things by visiting places. A child will learn better about concepts about biscuits when he visits a biscuit factory than when he reads it as theory from books. So educational tours are very important for students. Children learn better when they are with their peer group than when they are with their kids. Such educational tours teach students as they enjoy. A History of places can be learnt in an interesting way by visiting the places. Students have a feel of being the place and at the same time learn the history. Planetary motions are better learnt by visiting a planetarium than by reading the Geography book. Educational tours involve children into the subject by making their physical presence in the related place.

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