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By | March 19, 2019

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Directions: In each of the following questions, choose from the given words below the two sentences, that word which has the same meaning and can be used in the same context as the part given in bold in both the sentences.

1.I. The organization was established at the beginning of this century.

II. The little boy could not twist the cap off the bottle. (NABARD, 1994)

(a) break              (b) turn                    (c) swing                (d) crack               (e) dawn

2.I. The story is so dramatic that one cannot guess the ultimate result.

II. I could not understand the purpose of his visit.

(a)  motive             (b) end                    (c)  consequence  (d) lot

3.I.   The truck was coming and its light was falling straight in my eyes.

II. After the death of the manager, there was no one to properly guide the company.

(a) correct              (b) head                       (c) direct           (d) hook                 (e) line

4.I.   Ashok has got a friendly disposition.  (Bank P.O. 1991)

II. The warm sunshine in the morning filled my heart with joy.

(a) joyous              (b) pleasing                 (c) genial           (d) happy                (e) congenial

5.I. I cannot endure such a loud noise any more.

II. He preferred to consider the other view.

(a) bear                   (b) support                  (c) stand           (d) opinion              (e) position

6.I.   He had a very difficult period during his sickness.

II. Kanti’s father advised him that IAS was a career worth attempting. (Bank P.O. 1990)

(a) competing        (b) trying                     (c) intending    (d) contending          (e) experimenting

7.I. The document was declared void by the Court.

II. I felt pity for the sickly person lying on the pavement.

(a)  useless             (b) defective               (c) invalid          (d) destitute           (e) feeble

8.I.  Some of the edible oils have a high cholesterol level.  (NABARD, 1994)

II. The forest authorities have failed to control poaching in that area.

(a)  comprise         (b) possess                  (c) restrain        (d) contain             (e) suppress

9. I. Just leave a small line to be filled in by the requisite word.

II. I expected you to rush to the place as soon as you heard the news.

(a) dash                 (b) blank                     (c) void               (d) bustle              (e) intervene

10.I. He failed to produce any reason for his having behaved the way he did.

II. Man must live, struggle and die for a mission.

(a) target               (b) goal                        (c) cause            (d) purpose           (e) explanation

11. I. His understanding of the subject was really good. (R.B.I. 1991)

II. Vijay had to hold on to the handle of the door with all his strength.

(a) make               (b) power                    (c) pull                (d) seizure             (e) grasp                                   

12. I.   These trees yield commercially valuable varieties of wood.

II. The man who desires for many things at a time gets none.

(a) barks               (b) pines                 (c) trunks                (d) yearns

13. I.  The government decided to start a new series of lectures called the ‘Honour Lecture Series’.  (S.B.I.P.O. 1992)

II. The decision to set up a new University in that town was welcomed by the people.

(a) manage          (b) organise            (c) institute             (d) build                 (e) plan                                  

14. I.  The issue was finally settled, though with great difficulty.

II. Working women are given definite advantages over the men in our office.

(a) destined         (b) fixed                     (c) installed             (d) negotiated         (e) decided

15.I.   Priya spends her leisure time reading novels. (Bank P.O. 1990)

II. Kamal had a lean body and could manage to squeeze into the little space available.

(a) spare              (b) relaxed                   (c) free                (d) thin                  (e) disjointed

16. I.  I found it difficult to find the man for I was not acquainted to the place.

II. The two articles had something common between them.

(a) similar            (b) known                     (c) familiar                 (d) resembling       (e) same

17. I.  The morning was clear and warm and not a single flake of snow was noticed.

II. Santosh Yadav was the first Indian woman to ascend the Mt. Everest.

(a) climb              (b) scale                        (c) level                      (d) step                  (e) pare it

18. I. Mrs Menon put all her jewellery in one box carelessly (R.B.I. 1991)

II. The equipment had to be stored in this warehouse at short notice.

(a) stacked          (b) dumped                 (c) stocked              (d) stowed                     (e) treasured                            

19. I. His was the only remark which was pertinent to the topic.

II. To check the insurgence of anti-social elements into the country, several vigilance posts were set up along the border.

(a) view               (b) inspection               (c) notice                      (d) assertion          (e) observation

20. I.  He is frank in his dealings with others. (Bank P.O. 1991)

II. The offer for the job is still              

(a) due                (b) open                      (c) honest                (d) plain                (e) operating


1. (b)           2. (b)      

3. (c)           4. (b)      

5.(c)            6. (b)     

7. (c)           8. (d)    

9. (a)           10. (c)

11. (e)          12. (b)

13. (c)         14. (e)

15. (a)         16. (c)

17. (b)         18. (b)

19. (e)         20. (b)

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