One Word Substitution Quiz with Answers Exercise-29

By | May 16, 2019

To learn English language one-word substitution dictionary is very helpful. Here we are providing one-word substitution pdf download. It can act as one-word names for companies. There are many words which are one word to describe yourself. Find these one word online that act as a one-word game and appreciate


Directions: In each question below, a phrase is given below which some alternatives are given,’ One of these is the most appropriate .word i.e. it beet conveys the meaning of the phrase. Find out the most appropriate word in each case.

1.A man with prejudiced views against religion.

(a) Orthodox            (b) Bigot                    (c) Fanatic                  (d) Profane

2. The school or college in which one been educated.

(a) Matinee               (b) Alumni               (c) Alma mater          (d) Calvin

3. One who deserts his religion? (Railways, 1991)

 (a) Deserter             (b) Turn-coat         (c) Fanatic                   (d) Apostate 

4. Medicine which lessens pain.

(a) Balm                     (b) Panacea            (c) Anodyne                (d) Antibiotic

5. A woman whose husband is dead.

 (a) Virgin                 (b) Spinster             (c) Wedlock                (d) Widow

6. lf take one to the task.

(a) Disgrace             (b) Handle               (c) Entreat                   (d) Rebuke

7. One who uses fear as a weapon of power. (Stenographer’s Exam, 1993)

(a) Terrorist            (b) Militant             (c) Extremist              (d) Anarchist

8. A small piece of wood.

(a) Splinter              (b) Crumb                (c) Scrap                      (d) Chip

9. Mania for setting fires.

(a) Pyromania        (b) Kleptomania   (c) Logomania           (d) Nymphomania

10. A pioneer of a reform movement.

(a) Renegade           (b) Apostle              (c) Apotheosis            (d) Apothecary


1.(b)        2. (c)

3. (d)      4. (c)

5. (d)      6. (d)

7. (a)      8. (d)

9. (a)      10. (b)

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