Idioms Dictionary With Meaning and Sentences Part 20

By | April 26, 2019

Study of idioms and phrases is very important to learn the English language. We are providing 100 idiomatic expressions which can be said idioms examples. Through this idioms dictionary, you will learn idioms and phrases English. So if you are searching for  10 idioms and their meanings with sentences, 20 idioms with their meanings and sentences you are at the right place. These 1000 English phrases are going to prove the Oxford dictionary of English idioms. These can be downloaded as idioms and phrases pdf. So Enjoy this phrases list and use for idioms and phrases for SSC cgl pdf.


1. To make bricks without straw

Meaning: –to attempt to do something without proper materials or due preparation

Use:-Trying to cross the ocean in a boat is like trying to make bricks without straw.

2. Never cross the bridge until you come to it

Meaning: –Do not anticipate difficulties

Use:-Your fear about offending your officer is baseless. In fact, never cross the bridge until you come to it.

3. To bring down the house

Meaning: –to cause rapturous applause

Use:-His musical performance brought down the house.

4. To bring up the rear

Meaning: –to be the last in the line

Use:-As I reached, late, I brought up the rear.

5. It is as broad as it is long

Meaning: –It is the same whichever way you view it

Use:-This room is as broad as it is long.

6. To knit the brow

Meaning: –to frown

Use:-It is a bad habit to knit one’s brow.

7. To browbeat

Meaning: –to bully

Use:-Her is in the habit of browbeating others.

8. To kick the bucket

Meaning: –to die

 He kicked the bucket after a long distance.

9. To buckle on one’s armour

Meaning: –to set to work energetically

Use:-During the examination days, students buckle on their armour.

10. To take the bull by the horns

Meaning: –to tackle any difficulty in a bold and direct manner

Use:-Don’t be afraid of the difficulty and take the bail by the horns.

11. John Bull

Meaning: –an Englishman

Use: –A John Bull considers himself superior to others.

12. To Burke a question

Meaning: –to suppress or prevent any discussion on it.

 Use:-The Prime Minister tried to burke the question raised by the opposition parties.

13. To bury the hatchet

Meaning: –to forget past quarrels and be friends again

Use:-The American Indians had the custom of burying their tomahawks when peace was concluded, as a symbol of their peaceful intentions—Let us bury the hatchet and be good friends once again.

14. Good wine needs no bush

Meaning: –there is no need to advertise something good

Use:- Every student knows a good professor because a good wine needs no bush.

15. But me no huts

Meaning: –Do not bring forward objections

Use:-But me no buts in my efforts to help the poor.  

16. To raise earn

Meaning: –to rebuke severely

Use:-Do not raise coin your child.

17. To take the cake

Meaning: –to take the first prize; to be the best of the lot

Use:-He, being the best player, took the cake.

18. To burn the candle at both ends

Meaning: –expend energy in two directions at the same time

Use:-He is a spendthrift and bums the candle at both ends.

19. The game is not worth the candle

Meaning: –the undertaking is not worth the trouble

Use:-Don’t run after that worthless girl; the game is not worth the candle.

20. To paddle your own canoe

Meaning: –to be responsible for your actions; to act independently

Use:-Now you are a grown-up boy and must learn to paddle your own canoe.

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