Homophones pair Exercises & Printable Worksheets No. 8 & 9

By | April 2, 2019

Homophones in English is a major part of the vocabulary. Considering this we are providing homophones list and homophones with meaning. These homophones examples are really going to help you to learn correct homophones meaning. These are for all levels yet these can be said to be the homophones for kids because these homophones worksheets are like homophones games. So Enjoy these homophones exercises to enrich your vocabulary-


Choose the correct word out of those brackets:

  1. Faridabad is a big (industrious/industrial) town.
  2. The (review/review) of my poem published in the magazine was very unfavourable.
  3. The (artist/artiste) is painting a picture.
  4. The (artists/artists) of this drama school are very talented.
  5. Our professor has written a (practicable/ practical) grammar book.
  6. The teacher (checked/cheque) my essay.
  7. I gave the (cheque/check) to the bank clear for encasement.
  8. This hero is very (populous/popular) among young boys and girls.
  9. I have an urgent meeting to attend. So I must (forego/forgo) the pleasure of your company.
  10. I am going to Delhi on (official/officious) duty.


  1. industrial,
  2. review,
  3. artist,
  4. artists,
  5. practical,
  6. checked,
  7. cheque,
  8. popular,
  9. forgo,
  10. official.

Download the above Homophones Exercise in PDF (Printable)


Choose the correct word out of those in brackets:

  1. I (complement/compliment) you on your success.
  2. It is not (reverent/reverend) to tickle your friend in the church.
  3. You will soon (lose/loose) count of your days spent in Mumbai.
  4. Manohar Lal Varma is a member of the local (council/counsel).
  5. The failure of his daughter has (affected/affected) him.
  6. The principal has (affected/affected) many changes in the college.
  7. Our electricity (meter/metre) is faulty.
  8. She is a very (sensitive/sensible) girl. She becomes upset very soon.
  9. His uncle gave me a very (sensible/sensitive) piece of advice.
  10. It is very (peculiar/particular) for a young girl to dye her hair green.


  1. compliment
  2.  reverent
  3. Lose
  4.  council 
  5. affected
  6.  affected
  7. meter
  8.  sensitive
  9. sensible
  10.  peculiar.

Download the above Homophones Exercise in PDF (Printable)

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