Class-10 Passage-92 JIMMY VALENTINE (400 Words Subjective Unsolved)

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Read the following passage carefully:                                                                                    

(I)           Jimmy Valentine, a well- known safe- breaker, is released from prison after having served nearly ten months of a four- year sentence. He goes straight to his room and collects his box of fine and sophisticated tools, with the help of which he could break the safest of the safes. Immediately after the release of this noted criminal, a number of burglaries are reported in the town, and these are taken note of by an equally well-known and accomplished detective Ben Price he had helped apprehend Jimmy and put behind bars, from where he is released later.

(2)          Ben Price immediately sets on Jimmy’s trail to nab him. Meanwhile, Jimmy makes up his mind to shift to a small town, Elmore. Putting his past behind, Jimmy settles down in this small town as Ralph D.Spencer, opens up a shoe store to build his reputation in society. Very soon he meets a charming girl. Annabel Adams— the daughter of the owner of Elmore Bank — and falls in love, and is engaged to her.

(3)          Thinking of burying his past forever. Jimmy writes to one of his old friends to meet him so that he could hand over to him his precious box full of the finest tools. Presently. Ben Price also comes to the town, trailing Jimmy. The next day, after breakfast, Mr Adams, Annabel, Jimmy, now Ralph. with his toolbox, Annable’s married sister with her two little daughters, May and Agatha. go to the Elmore Bank, where Mr Adams has planned to show them all the newly-purchased vault. The vault had three solid steel bolts and a time lock. It could not be broken open by any means. While the family was admiring the new purchase. May, the elder daughter. in a spirit of play and fun, shuts her younger sister in the vault. Panic overcomes everyone. Annable pleads to Ralph for help; with his fine tools Jimmy Valentine once again sets out to work, this time for a good cause, though. Within minutes the door is opened and the girl is saved.

(4)          With his work done, and as planned, Ralph Spencer moves out, and at the door is met by Ben Price, who has been after Jimmy for so long. Jimmy offers himself to Ben Price, but Ben tells Jimmy that he would not recognize Jimmy the burglar any more.

 1 On the basis of your reading of the above passage, answer the following questions as briefly as possible. Write your answers in the answer sheet, against the correct blank numbers.

 (a) Why do you think Jimmy? immediately after his release, goes straight to his room and collects his tools?                                             

(b) Why does Jimmy decide to shift to a small town, Elmore ?                                                                     

(c) How does Jimmy settle down in Elmore?                                                                                      

(d) Why do you think Ben Price let Jimmy go scot – free?                                                             

2 Complete the following statements. Write your answers in the answer sheet, against the correct blank numbers.       (a) Jimmy had fine tools, with the help                                                                                                

(b) Jimmy shifted to a small town because                                                                                                          

(c) Ralph wanted to hand over his tools to one of his friends because                                                   

(d) Jimmy offers himself to Ben Price,                                                                                                   

3 Find words from the passage which mean the same as given below. Write your answers in the answer sheet, against the correct blank numbers.                                                                                                

(a) expert (Para I)

(b) arrest (para I)

 (c) good name (Para 2)

(d) the sudden fear that spreads quickly through a group of persons (Para 3)

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