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Read the following passage carefully:

        1      For those living in urban India, ATMs are a common sight; one on every corner. But imagine the plight of those in rural areas. For them, every time they wish to withdraw money, they have to often travel miles to reach the bank itself, given that they have little or no access to ATMs.

       2      It’s not the question of banks not wanting to provide them with the ATM facility, but there are several factors that are detrimental. One of the biggest considerations is that of the cost of operation. Secondly, things like power shortage further make it unviable. This is what prompted Chennai-based Vortex Engineering to develop a solar-powered ATM that could be deployed even in the most remote parts of the country. The unique patented technology used in Vortex ATMs has been developed to help banks reach out to rural areas and the financial inclusion of the unbanked population.

        3      They developed the solar-powered Gramateller Duo with the help of IIT Madras.

        4      The fact that it consumes so less power also brings down the running cost. Additionally, it generates less heat so it doesn’t require an AC. Kamal Sharma, VP of sales & marketing, Vortex Engineering says, “On the cost side, the Gramateller Duo has lower initial costs (30-50% lesser) and lower running costs. Typical ATMs (power consumption – 300 to 600 W) plus their air conditioning would result in monthly electricity bills to the tune of Z 7,000-10,000. Gramateller requires no air-conditioning and consumes very less power, thus can bring down monthly electricity bills to less than 600.”

         5     Once they had an ATM running on less power, they could further explore the use of solar panels and discovered that a solar panel of size less than 80 sq. it would suffice to run the ATM entirely on solar power.

        6      All of these factors combined means that these ATMs can operate at temperatures varying from 0°C to 50°C without a glitch. Thus, it makes them ideal to be deployed in the most rugged desert area or even in areas of high altitude.

        7      Vortex has now the world’s largest number of Solar ATM installations. Kamal says It rolled out India’s or possibly the world’s first large-scale installation of solar-powered ATMs, by setting up 300 of these for State Bank of India.”

6.1. Read the given questions and write the answer in about 30-40 words.

(a) When it comes to cities and villages how both are different as far as ATMs are concerned?

(b) Mention two reasons for banks not having ATMs in villages.

 (c) Mention some of the salient features of Gramateller machine.

(d) How has Vortex succeeded in its endeavour?

6.2. Choose the word which is closest in meaning to the words given below.

  (a) plight

(i) condition                                                        (ii) happiness

(iii) sadness                                                        (iv) anger

(b) access

(i) to give permission                                      (ii) ability to reach

 (iii) to enter                                                       (iv) to go without permission

(c) unique

(i) great                                                                 (ii) poor

(iii) special                                                           (iv) elaborate

(d) glitch

(i) guarantee                                                      (ii) grounded

 (iii) solution                                                      (iv) problem


(a) If we look at cities there are ATMs at every nook and corner. There is no dearth for city people if they want to withdraw money but when it comes to villages there are none. People have to walk long distances to go to banks and post offices to draw money.

(b) Firstly the operation cost is very high and secondly, there are far more power cuts in villages in comparison to cities. This will keep disrupting the working of the machines.

(c) It is not as expensive as the regular ATM machines. It runs on solar power so there will be less consumption of electricity. Since it won’t generate much heat there is no need for air conditioners in the ATM rooms.

(d) Vortex has the world’s largest number of Solar ATM installations. It rolled out India’s, possibly the world’s, first large-scale installation of solar-powered ATMs, by setting up 300 of these for SBI

6.2          (a) (i)                     (b) (ii)                                   (c) (iii)                                   (d) (iv)

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