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Recess Period ParagraphRecess Period has been lost and forgotten among society. Let’s discuss about this.

Recess Period Paragraph

Recess Period Paragraph

 Recess period in the school is the most enjoyable time of the school. It comes after a long spell of four periods. As soon as the bell goes for the recess period all the children rush out the class in hordes. There is no concept of queues or lines. The most favourite place to go in the recess period is either the playground or the school canteen. Children try to finish lunch as soon as possible and rush to the field. There is always a jostling at the water turf. Everyone wants to drink water at first. By the time they start enjoying the favourite games, the bell for recess over is heard once again. This time the speed to go back to the class is very slow. Whatever one may feel the recess period is the most enjoyable period. The traditional school break is a time for students to relax and have fun. It is also a time to rest and recuperate from the hectic pace of the school year.
The purpose of the recess period is to provide an environment that is conducive to learning. Students are allowed to exercise, play games, and socialize without disruption. In addition, they have access to educational materials and opportunities. The recess period should not be used as an opportunity to idle away the afternoon; rather, it should be used to take advantage of the natural energy that children possess. We hope you have had a great recess period! Students should take the time to relax, refuel and get plenty of rest to be at their best. Make sure to hydrate regularly, eat healthy snacks and spend some quality time with friends.

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