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Notice Writing for Class – 8 Format, Examples & Topics

How to Write a Notice

What is a Notice- A notice is a piece of information regarding an important event that is about to happen or that has happened. It is publicly displayed — a kind of information for others to know and follow:

Tips to write an effective Notice- 

  • The notice must contain complete information.
  • The message with essential details includes:
  • An eye-catching caption – preferably a phrase and not a sentence
  • Important details
  • The name of the body/organization organizing the event.

Tips for writing Meeting or Event Notice- English Writing Skills 

Following are basically notice writing topics- we are giving tips for each notice writing topics-  

Notice – Meeting/Event

1.Target Group

2.Name of the event





7.Specific instructions (if any)

8.Contact Person

Tips for writingNotice- Regarding Tour/Camp/Fair/Exhibition – English Writing Skills 

Notice – Tour/Camp/Fair/Exhibition

1.Target Group


3.Occasion (if any )


5.Venue/Place of visit

6.Objective – information/appeal/awareness/invitation\



9. Specific instructions – do’s and don’ts/ things to carry/ visiting hours etc.

Lost and Found Notice Writing Tips- 

1. Article Lost/Found


3.Identification mark


5.Whom to contact/when/where

6.The promise of a reward

Common Errors

1. Students mention the name of the organisation first.

2. Name of the event should come first as given in the format.

3. The signature should be done in the end and then the full name of the issuing authority to be mentioned.

Notice Writing Samples and Examples- Learn English with English Writing Skills-  

1.Notice of Meeting of Science Society

2.Notice of Inter School Orchestra Competition

3.Notice of Quiz Contest

4.Notice of an Excursion

5. Notice of Asking the Students for Volunteer for Adult Education Programme

6.Notice of English Book Lost

7.Notice of Debate Competition

8.Notice of Solo Dance Competition