4.Notice Writing Samples : Notice of an Excursion

By | August 2, 2018

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 Your school has planned an excursion to Lonavala near Mumbai during the autumn holidays. Write a notice in not more than 50 words for your school notice board, giving detailed information and inviting the names of those who are desirous to join. Sign as Naresh/Namita. Head Boy/Head Girl, D.V. English School, Thane, Mumbai.

Ans.                                                  D.V. ENGLISH SCHOOL, THANE, MUMBAI


2″ December, 2015


 The school is organizing an excursion to Lonavala near Mumbai in the coming autumn holidays. Interested students must deposit Rupees two thousand per head to the undersigned latest by 10th December, 2015. The school will meet all the travelling and hoarding expenses.

Naresh / Namita

 Head Boy / Head Girl

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