3.Notice Writing Samples : Notice of Quiz Contest

By | August 2, 2018

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 You are Amitr/Amrita, Head boy/Head girl of students’ council of your school (Zenith Public School). Write a notice for your school notice board calling for entries from desirous students for Britannia Quiz Contest—Preliminary round to be held at your school.

Ans.                                                  ZENITH PUBLIC SCHOOL, VIJAYWADA



Students’ Council is glad to inform the students that the Preliminary Round of the prestigious Britannia Quiz Contest will be held at our school on 20th March in its auditorium. Entries are called from students for the Contest. Desirous students for the quiz contest must contact the undersigned latest by 5th March, 2014. Selection of the students will be made on 10th March,


 Head Girl

 Students’ Council

Download the above Notice in PDF

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